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  • Thorough desiccation is essential in order to prevent subsequent mouldiness or disease of the grain.
  • It does not coagulate milk, but imparts to it a characteristic taste and is unable to withstand desiccation for more than a few days.
  • The red globules which desiccation had agglutinated, had become motionless like ships stranded in shoal water.
  • Contrary to what one would expect in an organism existing in keffir grains, this streptococcus is as little able to withstand desiccation as the above-mentioned yeast.
  • Now the human body contains nearly four-fifths of its own weight of water, as is proved by a desiccation thoroughly made in a chemical drying furnace.
  • The spore-bearing bacteria withstand effects of desiccation without serious injury, and many of the non-spore-producing types retain their vitality for some months.
  • I certainly found myself in the best possible situation for subjecting the human body to a process of gradual desiccation without sudden interruption of the functions, or disorganization of the tissues or fluids.

Definition of Desiccation

(uncountable) The state or process of being desiccated | An act or occurrence of desiccating
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