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How To Use Designate In A Sentence?

  • Unnumbered dots designate some of the places from which specimens were obtained.
  • They invent articulate sounds which they cannot hear and use them to designate certain things.
  • This term has since then served friend and foe to designate the group of writers of whom we speak.
  • In ordinary language the ancient classical names are generally used to designate these divisions.
  • Tubus: a term used to designate the corneous base of a ligula: the sheath of the tongue.
  • The latter part of the paper I can designate only as grand and most eloquently done.
  • Pro-: anterior: used as a prefix to designate the parts of the first thoracic segment.
  • The English designate the kingdoms emulous of free institutions as the sentimental nations.
  • This Conference cannot designate positively the manner in which local time may be best reckoned.
  • She thought Bobbie beautiful, and wondered why any one should designate his nose so explicitly.
  • About this period the word Geige appears to have been applied in Germany to designate a Fiddle.
  • And that land of North-West Australia was to be all my own, to designate as I wished.
  • Their very name lives to our times to designate all that is filthy and abominable in the conduct of men.
  • Various names are used apparently to designate the different kinds rather than the uses for which they are intended.
  • They went with the transit, and were to designate the points at which the sights were to be taken through its telescope.
  • The reason they usually designate a steel boat is probably because steel is so much heavier than water.
  • It is characteristic, however, that this authentic account does not designate the mothers of all his children.
  • In addition to this path there is another, which we may designate as the "path of feeling.
  • Mariette was struck by the fitness of the expression, and used it ever after to designate that particular kind of tomb.
  • If it be necessary to use these extra days the plain cards must be numbered to designate the different days of the same month.
  • It was, therefore, used to designate any popular assembly which met for the transaction of public business.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Designate | Designate Sentence

  • I should hardly designate it by this term.
  • How are we to designate the species, how the genus?
  • The name by which the Tinguian designate themselves.
  • Some of them I can only designate as infant schools.
  • We must designate him as No. 1.
  • To simplify explanation we will designate the counters as follows.
  • These names are used to designate capitals and small letters.
  • The religious partisans generally designate the incredulous as libertines.
  • Let us designate another relation between reason and sentiment.
  • He dared not to designate his enemies face to face and by name.
  • The table is therefore taken up into the dream to designate this parallel.
  • It was not used to designate a coach which ran only a short distance.
  • A term used to designate a metal barrier or guard on a part of a tool.
  • The word seems here loosely to designate the Turkish sultans.
  • They take the orders, designate raw materials, equipment, manpower.
  • That was the quaint term by which Tommy was wont to designate Miss Owen.
  • The New Yorkers, "laconic and Olympian," designate it by a simple numeral.
  • We may designate them as-- 1.
  • It is customary to designate self-pollution as among the "vices.

Definition of Designate

Designated; appointed; chosen. | To mark out and make known; to point out; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description | To call by a distinctive title; to name.
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