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  • It was only the other night she accused me of going after you, of having designs upon you.
  • It was futile to formulate plans for combating them till he had discovered what the designs were.
  • In some modern designs it is proposed to place the coagulating tanks in a separate building.
  • In fact, they are nothing more or better than men engaged in desperate designs with feeble minds.
  • More, all neatly engraved from the designs of the celebrated Hans Holbeine.
  • As long as the diagrams were just designs on paper, Lenny Poe could pick them up fine.
  • They are the same men and the same designs that they were from the first, though varied in their appearance.
  • The designs of most of these tiles were taken from a few old ones still to be seen in the choir transepts.
  • And while she might merely have designs on his peace of mind, there were other possibilities involved.
  • He had no designs on the future, neither for what he should do to men, nor for what men should do for him.
  • A consistency between belief and behaviour becomes the only way to make our designs on reality real.
  • Frequently the designs are rather ornaments to the page than illustrations of the poem, and in this we think the artist is to be commended.
  • The works by his own hand he most valued were his eccentric imitations of the designs of Michelangelo.
  • The painted designs above the three niches should be noticed, and also those of the moulding and fleurs-de-lys at the side.
  • He meant only, to the best of his power, to guard the public against the ill designs of factions out of doors.
  • Not only is the average of quality better, but the variety of kinds and designs is greater in the home trade than in the export trade.
  • The reason why theologians have concluded that God designs the salvation of only a part of mankind.
  • It has resulted in standardized airplane parts, instead of the endless confusion of designs and makes that existed a few years ago.
  • So Michelangelo began designs for the sacristy, the entire decoration of which was intrusted to him.
  • The walls and columns were covered with splendid Gobelin tapestry of grand designs and rich colouring.
  • I do not think very respectfully of the designs or the doings of the people who went to California, in 1849.
  • The best for all purposes are those of a simple geometrical character, or in which designs similar to those in Fig.
  • These people do a considerable business building Curtiss type machines or machines to special designs for others.
  • Most of the series of designs to Dante, and there are a good number, need not busy any one for a moment.
  • The rude first draughts of Deity are there, and they are by no means effaced in the fantastic priestly designs of departmental divinities.
  • The only way to save her from the lustful designs of some carnal coenobite at Halls, was to have her become a simple and uninteresting sister.
  • These animals carry out the designs of the culture-hero, and punish initiated Zunis who are careless of their religious duties and ritual.
  • The old girl had designs on Bertram when he first turned up; and the Daker affair cast her plot to the winds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Designs | Designs Sentence

  • New designs in wing construction, landing chassis, etc.
  • But M. le Prince had also his designs in this matter.
  • An adaptation of circumstances to designs and principles is necessary.
  • Neither the one nor the other suited the interest or the designs of the king.
  • Tho necessities created even by ill designs have their excuse.
  • Several of those fancy designs up there I can remember making.
  • With Two Coloured Plates and numerous Designs and Diagrams.
  • With 24 Plates from Designs by R. P. LEITCH.
  • With 24 Plates from Designs by R. P. LEITCH.
  • With 24 Coloured Plates, from Designs by R. P. LEITCH.

Definition of Designs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of design | plural of design
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