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  • Jones desired nothing more than an encounter.
  • He desired only to live in the present.
  • He desired me to rise and follow him.
  • It was of the city of Orleans she desired to know.
  • At last her father desired her to sing some Greek songs.
  • Polson at once desired them to do their best, and to destroy the cubs.
  • Therefore, he resented their insinuations and desired only to be left alone.
  • It being then morning, the king desired them to return in the evening.
  • Think out an ornamental scheme, and then try to realise the desired effect.
  • Dave could have had half of Gumbolt for posse had he desired it.
  • Mrs. Wickersham desired this too, but she also had a further motive.
  • The Viscountess desired her footmen to send "Argant" to show the rooms.

How To Use Desired In A Sentence?

  • The soldiers only desired to be told what she counselled, and to a man they would support her.
  • More than he had ever desired seemed to be fulfilled; the reality exceeded the dream.
  • The question which his position presented, and about which he desired my counsel, troubled me.
  • Not so in London; nor were there grapes or polenta even if she desired nothing else.
  • But wishing to be humane as well as rational, I desired his death to be temporary.
  • He desired me anxiously to elaborate this view, and I assured him it was quite within my powers.
  • And so his word prevailed, and we were perforce obliged to retreat from those walls we had so confidently desired to storm.
  • The dark dado gives the desired background without rendering it necessary that the entire wall be dark.
  • He would have been able to do a number of things he had never done, things which he had always desired to do.
  • The next day the chancellor asked him how much of a vacation he wanted, and where he desired to spend it.
  • True, he had prayed to be kept sober; but had his heart fully and sincerely desired what his lips had prayed for?
  • Yet, as sporadic announcements in the newspapers presently indicated, the system was by no means producing desired results.
  • They desired him to call his little favourite; he whistled, and the mouse immediately leaped upon his shoulder.
  • Pennsylvania was jealous of the westward advance of Virginia, and desired to thwart rather than to assist her.
  • Where it is desired that an electromagnet coil shall possess high impedance, it is usual to employ a laminated instead of a solid core.
  • Mr Maule then desired the lad to increase his pace, being apprehensive of a charge in the broadside.
  • Just as water at that altitude boils at a low temperature, so did it need only a little fiery spirit to give the desired tingle to the blood.
  • Koho stood up, clapped his hands, and, when the house-boy answered, signed that he desired his rifle.
  • The ship seemed to lag lazily over the billows; I could almost have sprung into the sea and swam to the desired shore.
  • These were the thoughts which were discussed by Teuton political seers as something more than things which Germany merely desired and hoped for.
  • As the affair is now set agoing, it is but natural that I should do all I can to attain my desired object.
  • With this resolution the good chaplain desired the keeper of the house to restore to him the clothes which he wore when he was first put under his care.
  • We had known her so long and so well, and we had learned how little she desired for herself, how hard it was to induce her to express any wish for her own gratification.
  • This method is frequently employed with success on country lines, where it is desired to place a greater number of instruments on a line than four or five.
  • Two objects are placed before the mind: one affects the sensibility in a more agreeable manner than the other, and therefore the intelligence pronounces that one is more to be desired than the other.
  • She told the Prince that the horse which had brought her was vicious and had given her much trouble, and that she desired his head cut off immediately.
  • Many kept asking me why our government did not exchange prisoners; for they were told every day the truth that the Confederate government desired it.
  • The operator will then be able to receive the call and in turn send out currents of the proper direction to ring all the bells and, by code, call the desired party to the telephone.

Definition of Desired

wished-for, longed-for | simple past tense and past participle of desire
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