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  • It was a desolate night.
  • How lost and desolate he seemed.
  • It had an entirely uninhabited and desolate appearance.
  • Only hunters and criminals roamed those desolate areas.
  • Here, too, all was desolate and silent.
  • Back in Paris the studio seemed desolate and empty.
  • The scene was as desolate as the occupation was ghastly and depressing.
  • Ten thousand men could have been concealed in this desolate cavern.
  • There was a desolate intonation in her voice, and my own spirits drooped.
  • The path stretched away lonely and desolate in the gathering darkness.
  • Time may desolate and destroy, but man can build up and beautify.
  • The ten years I spent in this way were joyless and desolate enough.
  • Xopoli, a Greek village, is the most desolate place I ever saw.
  • They reached the desolate Isle of Iona on the day preceding Whitsunday.
  • It was in a desolate London lodging-house that Marietta's courage gave way.

How To Use Desolate In A Sentence?

  • Our object in visiting this desolate part of the country was to capture turtles.
  • They were now on the shore of the river, dark and desolate in its winter dress.
  • Before him lay a blackened, desolate area that stretched the remainder of the way to the summit.
  • I was conscious of an unreasonable, desolate sense of desertion when I saw that.
  • It was a lonely, desolate country, treeless, a barren waste; but Jean loved it.
  • The tawny mass fell loose at once about her shoulders and made her look even more desolate than before.
  • And been quarantined for three weeks out there in the desolate country," she mocked.
  • Far away the harsh and desolate mountains raising their scarped and denuded ridges seemed to wait for him menacingly.
  • She hung her head as if desolate memories were crowding between him and her, and he saw that moisture glistened in her eyes.
  • The route they took was off the beaten track, and led them through a singularly wild and desolate tract of country.
  • At present her only reward seems to be a desolate land in the hands of the conqueror, and the graves of her fallen sons.
  • The ground and the houses looked equally dirty, and the whole aspect of the place was desolate and ruinous.
  • I found the house amid desolate heathery hills, where the lonely scholar nourished his mighty heart.
  • His triumphant look, and the desolate condition of the unfortunate girl, left me no doubt of her fate.
  • She went into the waiting-room and bought her ticket, then sat down on a settee in the dusty, desolate place and waited.
  • In these two days we have crossed thirty-one miles of as rough a country as the warmest admirer of the desolate and savage could wish to see.
  • These seven went with the Indians some seven miles up the country, and came to a desolate and pathless wood.
  • A rough country road leads from the little white railway station, perched on a desolate plain, to these far-famed temples.
  • It was the post-boat of that desolate rock, fetching letters from the mainland, and ready to receive them from Denmark.
  • To your eye, fresh from England, it would appear desolate from its solitude and oppressive from the vastness of the scale of scene.
  • The Colonel was in a genial mood; the boys appeared very forlorn and unprotected on the desolate plain, and one of them was handsome.
  • On the 7th February we emerged from this desolate region of lake and swamp, and saw before us in the twilight a ridge covered with dense woods.
  • It was like coming from the grave, after the sterile deserts and bleak desolate plains of Northern Persia.
  • God does not leave His works incomplete, and He has servants who will change this desolate rock into a fertile garden.
  • Well, the gale lasted for a week; and at last one night, when I was at the helm, we dashed on the rocks of a desolate island.

Definition of Desolate

Deserted and devoid of inhabitants. | Barren and lifeless. | Made unfit for habitation or use because of neglect, destruction etc.
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