Despair In A Sentence

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  • Dull despair had taken possession of him.
  • Why should you despair of obtaining success?
  • Their novelists despair of the heart.
  • And in my breast despair shuts out all counsel.
  • I went on in blind despair towards my hotel.
  • Any way the bitter black despair was gone from that time.
  • In despair I thought of Mabel.
  • How black was his despair when he felt himself sinking again!
  • And to an inward consuming despair might perhaps have reduced me.
  • His mother sent for her in despair at the boy's misery.
  • I shall never forget it; there was both entreaty and despair in her eyes.
  • Then noting the wild look of despair in his eyes, she was frightened.
  • As I came in sight of it a feeling of almost despair swept over me.
  • I tell you that I can no more despair that I can cease to love you!
  • But, oh, the worse despair to see Thee live to earth, and die to me!
  • Gray's stony despair gave way; the hard, desperate look on his face softened.
  • Father Claude had never before seen despair in Menard's eyes.
  • In dull despair Gray had submitted to Lumley's plan for escaping the police.

How To Use Despair In A Sentence?

  • His limbs trembled, and in despair he looked for something to steady him in the ordeal.
  • If despair and desperation were in his heart, he pushed them back with a strong hand.
  • Dame Webber and her daughter were in despair at what they conceived a returning touch of insanity.
  • Swiftly she rose, and with a little gesture full of despair and abnegation and farewell, left him.
  • He had looked upon the development and the despair of the Rome road with increasing interest.
  • But the despair which we mean, and which Luther meant, is genuine spiritual despair.
  • In sheer despair he finally drew the boat toward the most accessible part of the cliff and essayed to ascend.
  • She only felt the despair of the convict and almost wished herself one, so that she might hide in a cell.
  • Almost in despair the two aeronauts cast about them for something which could be hurled over the side to lighten the weight of the balloon.
  • So she laid her head upon her brother's breast in a fit of despair and wept bitterly.
  • There was a look of resigned despair on his face and Mary smiled sympathetically at him as she went out.
  • He had reached the further side of the obstruction, and sat down on a stump, in despair of heart and exhaustion of body.
  • All hope of guiding her was at an end, and the captain and crew stood waiting in despair for the death which could not be far distant.
  • He was too far gone in despair to have even a flicker of curiosity as to how Lumley came to be lying there.
  • But it is notorious that despair makes every one a soldier, and that even scythes and axes are good weapons in resolute hands.
  • One of the servants had seen a mouse, or a heart had been broken; for who was to know that despair and fright only have one sound to express them?
  • With smiles on their faces and despair in their hearts, the Dublin belles returned to the dancing-hall.
  • He had been trying to mount the horse by his unaided efforts, and had given up the attempt in despair just before Gray woke.
  • Mr. Curran, unaware of the interchange of sundry tender glances in the cloak-room, did not despair of success.
  • Then are his passions also inflamed: the despair that is in him Out of his heart breaks forth, and takes shape in criminal action.
  • The words of Heaven are not equivocal, As in despair the poor oppress'd one thinks.
  • They have a habit of taking themselves for granted, and that habit is responsible for nine-tenths of the boredom and despair on the face of the planet.

Definition of Despair

(transitive, obsolete) To give up as beyond hope or expectation; to despair of. | (transitive, obsolete) To cause to despair. | (intransitive, often with “of”) To be hopeless; to have no hope; to give up all hope or expectation.
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