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  • He was the picture of despairing grief.
  • She made a despairing gesture with her hands.
  • With a despairing cry, he staggered toward the bier.
  • For this kind of thing I have only a despairing admiration.
  • Miss Maggie, with a despairing gesture, averted her face.
  • Harboro wheeled with an almost despairing expression in his eyes.
  • It sounds like the despairing observation of a writer at a loss for matter.
  • Morning had brought her exhaustion, not peace but a despairing submission.
  • Lucrezia is on her knees, in a despairing pose, and about to stab herself.
  • His frame shook with the strong, terrible crying of despairing grief.
  • With a beseeching look and a despairing gesture Mr. Smith had gone.
  • The despairing sorrow in his deep, soft eyes made Mr. Herriott rise instantly.

How To Use Despairing In A Sentence?

  • The alarmed and guilty or despairing look which he cast at me was very touching.
  • No; it was only a struggle between his despairing wretchedness and a lifelong habit of mind.
  • Sometimes she could be seen with a despairing expression scribbling rapidly in her lock-up dairy.
  • This was the decision he arrived at when the morning dawned upon him, lying despairing in his cot.
  • Across the wild wastes of the moors he heard a moan, like the moan of some despairing monster.
  • There was a shrug, a little despairing gesture of the glasses, and the muttering ceased.
  • Mrs. Jane had a tired frown between her brows and a despairing droop to her lips.
  • The despairing Swift was a fighter, as the despairing Anatole France is a fighter.
  • When I made her acquaintance, six years ago, I had a defiant, despairing heart.
  • A little later, when Mrs. Mitchell came in, the stony, despairing face of the girl startled her.
  • She met my words by a despairing outward movement of her hands as though she were giving everything up.
  • But she threw herself on her knees before him, clasping his ethereal waist with a despairing embrace.
  • He fell in love with the explosive vehemence and despairing persistence with which the weak are accustomed to cling to an idea.
  • Shriek after shriek burst from the inner chamber, with all the piercing loudness of despairing terror.
  • By the time that he had reached his own door, he felt in as deplorable and despairing a humor as ever.
  • Beat for beat, in these moments it matched itself with that of the purest woman who surrenders to a despairing love.
  • They alone could save her from the despairing madness which she felt creeping upon her like a beast in the night.
  • She looked at him silently, with a despairing appealing look that thrilled him, familiar as he was with such looks.
  • Inspector Verot's declarations agree too evidently with this despairing appeal.
  • She cast a despairing glance at the bell, but it was beyond her reach, and he smiled as he kissed her passionately again and again.
  • The planks still held together; and the sailors despairing of their bloodmoney, rushed to the side of the ship and tried to capsize it.
  • The appeal was rejected, and, despairing of help, she offered and sold to him the last remaining article of furniture.
  • She touched the curls upon his brow with her light finger-tips; but those fixed, despairing eyes beneath she dared not meet.
  • Joe cast a despairing look at Kennedy; but the hunter put on the air of a man who could do nothing in the matter.
  • Pope, despairing of originality, and taking Dryden for his model, sought only to polish and to perfect.
  • She had a hard time not to cry out with the pain of this horrible fear, and the kind eyes of the experienced Tancredi caught her despairing look.
  • Gazing with despairing expression down at the cot, she would suddenly throw a quick, startled glance at Davidson and then towards the other room.
  • One despairing wretch threw his Bible into the fire, crying out in the market place that there was no God in heaven.

Definition of Despairing

Feeling, expressing, or caused by despair; hopeless. | present participle of despair | A mood or display of despair.
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