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  • He became as it were a desperado by reflection.
  • It is probable that the brown-faced desperado knew this.
  • That desperado has sure got the heart of a woman.
  • The desperado half glanced at the latter as he shot a volley of oaths at him.

How To Use Desperado In A Sentence?

  • So resourceful and crafty was this desperado that he evaded trap after trap laid for his capture.
  • As the messenger sprang forward to find his foe, the desperado lunged against him.
  • And it was with the face of a desperado at bay that he confronted Nancy as she entered.
  • The desperado pushed his cruel, vice-scarred face close to that of the man he hated.
  • Years after these outcasts had come to infest it came one desperado more ferocious than all that had gone before.
  • There was something convincing about his method of argument that even this young desperado could not combat.
  • Even if they had been, they were not those which any desperado might have emulated, any tyro practised.
  • It was the face of a desperado who would stop at nothing, however murderous or cruel, to gain his ends.
  • Foiled in this, the desperado returns to where the officials are fighting the flames, and began cutting the hose so as to stop the supply of water.
  • The amateur desperado sank to the floor, his big, murderous gun rattling on the iron plate of the coal-deck.
  • And between them, in a struggling silence, with now and then an audible rap, or a ring of metal, the two forced the desperado to descend.
  • Mr. Standifer was observed to draw near and speak a few sentences to the desperado in so low a tone that no one else caught the words.
  • Tradition has it that this cave was one of the hiding places of a famous desperado and horse thief whose gang operated over all this country in early days.
  • He saw nothing out of the way in the fact that he had himself been a road-agent, a professional gambler, and a desperado at different stages of his career.
  • The ease with which the desperado had vanquished his uncle and the strange behavior of the hitherto infallible Marmion, were things beyond his comprehension.
  • A population so suddenly drawn together by the fierce love of gain, and containing so large an admixture of the desperado element, could scarcely be expected to be very orderly.
  • It was not merely his reputation that was at stake, though nothing could restore that more effectually than the single-handed capture of so notorious a desperado as Stingaree.

Definition of Desperado

A bold outlaw, especially one from southern portions of the Wild West. | (chess) A piece that seems determined to give itself up, typically to bring about stalemate or perpetual check.
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