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  • Are you so desperate to be grand to-day that you must scrape all your skin off?
  • The fight was so desperate, to take it seriously was to surrender.
  • She fell in the seat, but returned, desperate, to the encounter.
  • He was tired, hungry, and ill-tempered, but she was too desperate to care.
  • He was too desperate to curse his fate--he could only long for food.

How To Use Desperate To In A Sentence?

  • After those eleven days we were desperate to talk to someone besides the interrogator!
  • What was too arduous or desperate to be undertaken in order to secure a prize so glorious as this?
  • It was her only chance, however desperate; to remain where she was meant certain death.
  • He must do something desperate to break the horrible spell, to turn the luck....
  • She was too desperate to indulge in long reflection or to decline the way of escape which he offered her.
  • I coiled my legs up and did a fast burn through the sphere, desperate to reach the hatch before she did.
  • Simp Wolley must be getting desperate to come here in broad daylight and rummage the house under the pretense of being a plumber.
  • He felt that his cruel words had entered that humble home, to make desperate poverty more desperate, to sicken sickness, and to sadden sorrow.
  • Because they both deal with conspirators who are desperate to exchange forbidden data and also desperate to hide; and because nobody else in law enforcement even wants to hear about it.
  • Then the male wiseheads came together, and, desperate to snap the chord of impotent suspense, mooted and rejected plan after plan that their sane judgment knew from the first to be impracticable.
  • But beside my inactivity, I have a sort of horror of plunging into London; which, except for a shilling concert, and a peep at the pictures, is desperate to me.
  • However, we were desperate; to go to the village meant another hour's cramp in the canoe, and perhaps no better accommodation than here.
  • They are desperate to-night, Miss Lorne, and will stop at nothing--not even murder.
  • As she reviewed her disappointment and the dreary days that followed, a flood of self-pity welled up in the girl's heart, and she felt as if she must do something desperate to quiet her restless nature.
  • Beneath all her gayety I found, when I began to know her, that she was desperate--desperate to live in the sunshine and mortally afraid of shadows.
  • He was a workman--had not in his composition a single grain of what is called "enthusiasm for nature"--but he was desperate to "see once more out of window.
  • He was a workman--had not in his composition a single grain of what is called "enthusiasm for nature,"--but he was desperate to "see once more out of window.
  • I am desperate to-night, and a person in my terrible fix fears neither God nor man."
  • But you, if all your lovers' frozen hearts Conspired to send you, desperate, to drown--
  • So that Friedrich had to take the burden of mediating altogether on himself; and month after month, year after year, it is evident he prosecutes the same with all the industry and faculty that are in him,--in intense desire, and in hope often nearly desperate, to keep his two neighbors' houses, and his own and the whole world along with them, from taking fire.
  • Doubtless," wrote he, "they grumbled when it rained that the said truss was not half a dozen inches wider, and many a person as he became saturated in his time of waiting for his letters growled out his intention of doing something very desperate to the powers that were."
  • I think there's no man so desperate To dare encounter with our Champion, But trust me, _
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