Despise In A Sentence

How To Use Despise In A Sentence?

  • He could hardly realise that he had only begun to despise himself in the last fortnight.
  • You will be cursed by every loyal citizen, and your enemies will despise you as a coward.
  • Men avoid him, women despise him, and children mind him until he is out of sight.
  • Hindu and Muslim both despise them, having each a little understanding of his own.
  • The mother who does not govern her children is bringing them up not to love her, but to despise her.
  • We cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should and he should answer us, we should despise him for it.
  • The way in which a man of uncertain temper is treated by his friends proves that they despise him, for they do not treat him as a reasonable being.
  • What a reproach to our civilization to stand in need of a class like this, and to have those whom we despise so constantly near us.
  • Still, you have to succeed in the world, and if you despise the opinion of the world the world turns its back on you.
  • A great regret lay behind them, a regret which made him hate and despise himself in a way he had never felt before.
  • He accordingly affected to despise these enjoyments which he could not procure, and shunned even that society which he might have commanded.
  • Bob would know he had not felt equal to facing him, and perhaps he would despise that as much as he was bound to be amused at the other.
  • Don't you know that people, even the humblest, must censure and despise you for it?
  • The ruling classes who enslave, despise and exploit you in times of peace desire now to misuse you as cannon-fodder.
  • They take up a contribution, and send the young man to some theological school where he can be taught to repeat a creed and despise reason.
  • You are not going to leave me to fight the great big battle of life alone, with all the other flowers of the garden to sneer at me and despise me!
  • You string up your resolution to despise the world, and, take my word for it, the world pays you off at last.
  • Then will be felt the full effect of encouraging doctrines which tend to make the citizens despise their Constitution.
  • He seemed in a mood to despise anything but conquest and strode back and forth up and down the cave like a caged bear, muttering to himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Despise | Despise Sentence

  • He would despise me so!
  • She could only despise him.
  • I despise the former.
  • Is it possible not to hate and despise him?
  • And so in three ways despise it.
  • But one may despise the victims all the same.
  • I despise a clock that looks worried.
  • Do not despise your enemy, my lord.
  • I despise your crude manners and even cruder methods.
  • See, then, that you learn to despise your adversary.
  • Shall I therefore despise it?
  • He was so weak that I began to despise him.
  • But the Past is not a reason To despise the Present.
  • Are we to despise spring because it is followed by winter one day?
  • He should not be altogether credulous, nor despise everything.
  • Too many would rather condemn and despise than ask and laugh.
  • It was so easy to upbraid, to deride, to despise the conquered race!
  • I think in your heart you rather despise my absolute fidelity to Richard.
  • Every good man, and every good woman, must hate and despise such a deity.
  • I don't despise a poor drunkard; but I cannot respect him.
  • I despise myself, but I will cease to be the despicable thing I have become.

Definition of Despise

To regard with contempt or scorn. | To disregard or ignore.
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