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  • Her despondency is palpable.
  • In a fit of despondency he half turned.
  • In a fit of despondency you might....
  • Poor Cynthy Ann sank into a despondency deeper than usual.
  • Why this sudden change from despondency to joyful hope of victory?
  • Even in the depth of her despondency it made a certain impression upon her.
  • It was sorrow and not despondency that dwelt in that really great soul.
  • It was plain that deep despondency was no longer pressing upon his heart.
  • It was like work without hope, and despondency began to take hold of him.
  • Gloom and despondency came fast upon the heels of Republican exultation.
  • Her despondency at Clarence's absence retarded her recovery.
  • From bitter despondency Ned's thoughts changed to ecstatic hope.

How To Use Despondency In A Sentence?

  • He closed his eyes again and the swift despondency of the invalid welled up in him.
  • He slipped through all the grades of despondency until he reached a bottom of absolute gloom.
  • From the depths of despondency we sprang at once to tip-toe on the mountain-tops of expectation.
  • For the rest of that fateful day the greatest despondency prevailed amongst our crew.
  • Although his despondency made him wish for death, he hesitated to take his life.
  • Hope for men was his natural air; despondency the element of his own self-created folly.
  • There is, too, an air of despondency and alarm about this figure to-day new to it.
  • Impotent wrath, overwhelming despondency took hold of our souls, at once humiliated and revolted.
  • In the moment of recognition all the despondency had vanished so utterly that it had not left even a memory.
  • But in his eyes there was a look of unrest and despondency that scarcely fitted a messenger of glad tidings.
  • In his weakness and despondency it seemed inwrought with every fibre of his being, and an essential part of himself.
  • But admiration of him sank into despondency at his assumption, and his sarcastic assaults on things most holy.
  • The sight of such an irremediable calamity as this renewed for a time the despondency which he had felt at the first sinking of the boat.
  • There was such a cold, leaden despondency burdening his heart that he felt that he must have relief of some kind.
  • After a week of silent despondency the father roused himself to some extent from the lethargy into which he had fallen, and returned to his trail.
  • There is a hopeless despondency abroad in all the air, in which the summer medleys of the birds taunt us with their memories.
  • When he heard the sad news he sank into a fit of profound despondency and grief, from which he did not soon recover.
  • She said this so prettily that he came gaily from the despondency into which her shrewdness, bordering on criticism, had thrown him.
  • Markart shut the door and then threw himself on the solitary chair, in a heavy despondency of spirit and a confused conflict of feelings.
  • These are expressions of deepest despondency and despair over a life soon ended, never to be lived again here upon earth.
  • It may be that the priest himself, knowing his own frailty, is tempted to despondency as he lies so helpless on his bed of suffering.
  • In his deep despondency he feared he never would regain it, and that his hopes of literary success would prove delusive.
  • Then came the panic, then the fall of stocks, then general ruin, then universal despondency and rage.
  • For there were deep furrows on Alister's brow, but far deeper was the despondency of his soul.
  • Two or three days weakened me so much that I could scarcely move; and with it came a despondency of mind that was almost insupportable.
  • The despondency that comes with the lack of the will to be well hurts their appetite particularly and no tuberculosis patient can ever hope to recover health unless he is eating heartily.
  • And, forgetting for the moment the presence in which he stood, Mr. Fishwick allowed the despondency he felt to appear in his face and figure.
  • There was something so positive, so prohibitory in her voice and gesture, that my heart contracted, and a sudden chill of despondency ran through me.

Definition of Despondency

The loss of hope or confidence; despair or dejection. | A feeling of depression or disheartenment.
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