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  • Isak was sorely despondent for some days.
  • The despondent one aroused himself.
  • I often felt a trifle despondent about my future.
  • His solemn, even despondent tone depressed us.
  • On the Channel boat, I felt more despondent than ever.
  • He had room for nothing but the despondent thoughts of what he should do now.
  • But her friend would not allow her to get into a despondent vein.
  • It gave way to more uniform but not less rueful and despondent perceptions.
  • He had gone to bed, feeling quite too despondent for so healthy a fellow.
  • He's always rather low and despondent when he's wanting his victuals.
  • There is not a despondent soul but God has a promise just to suit him.
  • Inger grew despondent at last, the wilds oppressed her, she turned religious.
  • I cannot honestly say now whether I ever shared this despondent view or not.
  • Mrs. Eben's despondent reply was cut short by the appearance of Sara herself.

How To Use Despondent In A Sentence?

  • Shall we wonder that the poor youth began to be despondent and impatient under his trial?
  • He then seemed in a very despondent state of mind and told me that his eyesight was fast failing.
  • Her attitude had become very lax and despondent when the typewriter stopped in the next room.
  • Muriel only shook her head, as she sat looking despondent and thoroughly miserable.
  • Now he would utter a despondent groan, again a long and resonant string of threatening oaths.
  • Mr. Robinson became despondent and after a few months decided to leave the country.
  • One evening I was walking through the streets in a despondent mood, as had become my habit.
  • For the first four days of the week, Dick was quite despondent about the water problem.
  • It was a dull business, but, despondent as I was, I found the heart to rewrite those chapters.
  • These gentlemen were in rather despondent moods, and there was one who opined that we were all to be made prisoners of war.
  • One night there was graver silence than usual in the room; all were despondent and lay resigned to their seemingly impending fate.
  • But they went without alacrity, and were encouraged only by the despondent belief that at least matters could not be made any worse.
  • Indeed, it was hard to be very long despondent in the presence of the Dean's hopeful disposition.
  • She had an ethereal, fairy-like appearance that was bewitching, and in his despondent mood, her frank praise was more than sweet.
  • About this time the King fell into a despondent state, which amounted almost to physical helplessness.
  • Disheartened and despondent over this abortive effort, I opened the door again, and went up to my room.
  • Doubting, despondent souls were always glad to visit her, to listen to her simple words of wisdom and gather strength from her invincible trust.
  • Captain Robertson sat stern-faced and despondent at a distance muttering into his beard, as had become a habit with him.
  • On her return, she sat down in a thoughtful and despondent attitude, looking very sad, but one of the loveliest objects that ever were seen.
  • Margery was in her old position at the window, looking out, and I knew the despondent droop of her shoulders.
  • They hung about all day, uttering despondent notes, approaching the nest at times, but hesitating even to alight upon the roof above it.
  • In the grey of dawn Nettle went out on to the upper deck, self-possessed as usual, but despondent of success in the task before her.
  • Mrs. Billow was somewhat comforted by this information; but was still very despondent and low for the few days Sophy remained with her.
  • Such were the gloomy and despondent thoughts that filled the minds of all, as they saw the vessel drawing nearer and still nearer to those frowning cliffs.
  • The blind might hear September in the uproarious arguments of the crow, the despondent cries of katydid, tree toad, and hoot owl.
  • And so we slept on and on, and thus we drowned everything but our dreams, which are everywhere very apt to be most bright and cheering in the most gloomy and despondent times.

Definition of Despondent

In low spirits from loss of hope or courage.
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