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  • Why not destroy this letter?
  • How shall you destroy it?
  • Only to look over some papers and destroy them.
  • Now there are persons who would destroy this golden age.
  • I didn't 'low to plumb destroy it.
  • He, too, can destroy our position of power.
  • He was credited with ability to destroy the world when he chose.
  • I tell you that you have an enemy who would gladly destroy you.
  • Polson at once desired them to do their best, and to destroy the cubs.
  • I was at once detailed to destroy it: a feat soon accomplished.
  • That may cost the nation its blood; but this will destroy its very soul.
  • It is a voracious creature, and unchecked will often totally destroy a crop.
  • ORESTES Then is it their decree which doth destroy us.
  • But Eugene was destined to destroy the Turkish power in Hungary.

How To Use Destroy In A Sentence?

  • Immediately an outcry burst out against the attempt to destroy the ancient liberties.
  • It is not so much moral decadence that will destroy us as moral inadaptability.
  • Resistance were useless, otherwise it would destroy the whole system of the world.
  • Whichever way the latter turned to escape it met a curtain of bullets which could destroy it.
  • His object, we are told, was gradually in this way to destroy the whole race of man.
  • Their attachment was as great as hers, and I was thus obliged to destroy them all.
  • If he indeed has the power, the ability, to destroy your authority, then we do not fare well.
  • He next embarked with the head for Constantinople, being resolved to destroy that city also.
  • I think this is a wicked, wicked war, waged to perpetuate slavery and to destroy the Union.
  • I am in the Union Army, bound to do everything in my power to destroy your government.
  • We have seen how ineffectual have been all their endeavours to show that their doctrine does not destroy the responsibility of man for his sins.
  • But lightning may destroy a fuse and at the same discharge destroy apparatus in series with the fuse.
  • He meant to destroy the two remaining railroads in that part of the country, and that would finish up that region.
  • Current leaving it at such a point may cause its metal to dissolve enough to destroy the usefulness of the pipe for its intended purpose.
  • Never do anything likely to injure or destroy property, and always look upon looting as a disgraceful act.
  • Parties of men went out to drive in the cattle, others to destroy buildings which would interfere with the fire from the fort.
  • To let any one into our secret, to reveal that hidden land to a gaping world, would be to destroy it.
  • Since I came into this room you have done nothing to destroy my conviction of your unreality apart from myself.
  • If she took a glass of water, the voices would call out that it was poisoned; and frequently they urged her to destroy herself.
  • It was with difficulty that Garrofat choked down his rage at this latest failure of his plans to discomfit or destroy the prince.
  • Two men in a bombing machine can destroy at a single blow the ammunition which, if it had reached the front, might have swept out a regiment.
  • It is a unique and most beautiful example of early work; any restoration of it would practically destroy it, and would be an unpardonable crime.
  • Nizam-al-Moolk determined to keep no measures with a man who had thus sought his ruin, and he resolved to destroy him.
  • To deny these truths is to reject the Bible and to destroy the sovereign omniscience and omnipotence of God.
  • The boys said they were very sorry to hear that, for now they could not go to the spring any more; but Jonas said he meant to destroy the nest.
  • You have deliberately attempted to destroy the happiness of one of the best friends you have ever had; have betrayed his trust and tried to ruin his life.

Definition of Destroy

(transitive) To damage beyond use or repair. | (intransitive) To cause destruction. | (transitive) To neutralize, undo a property or condition.
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