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  • Where they slipped up was in not destroying the originals.
  • But erasing a smile is not destroying the fact of it.
  • I believe you have succeeded in destroying the lock.
  • A plague of locusts is destroying the grain-crops.
  • Merlin the Monster was destroying the planet.
  • St. Michael destroying the dragon.
  • The pretext for destroying the latter was of a singular character.
  • Decatur quickly formed a plan for capturing or destroying the frigate.
  • Already he had begun destroying the lines of communication behind us.
  • The old religious antagonism was destroying the union of the provinces.
  • In destroying the stores by fire the court-house took flames.
  • In twenty minutes the white soldiers were destroying the camp with fire.
  • This she speedily accomplished, destroying the entire battery.
  • My party was employed from 9 till sunset in destroying the town and corn.
  • A fire broke out in the picker-room and dye-house, destroying the building.
  • It extends rapidly, destroying the parts, and at last attacks the bones.
  • In 1260 there had even been some talk of destroying the famous town in Tuscany.
  • There had been threats of destroying the house, and Adams meant to be ready.
  • You can't treat a lute like a drum without destroying the instrument.

How To Use Destroying The In A Sentence?

  • In return we are victoriously destroying the very foundations of capitalist corruption.
  • He determined upon the dreadful expedient of destroying the city as he captured it.
  • This objection can usually be obviated by spraying or destroying the pests in other ways.
  • In less than an hour it has killed many of the bugs and beetles which were destroying the plants.
  • Another document says the torredo was destroying the ships, and this is very probable.
  • Two or three of these might collapse without completely destroying the buoyancy of the ship.
  • These were the horses which Hercules asked as his reward for destroying the serpent.
  • Sumichrast walked in front, destroying the last obstacles that severed us from the under-wood.
  • The hogs have done good service in destroying the rattlesnakes, which are already becoming rare.
  • I had barely reached it when a shell exploded close by the car, half destroying the body of it.
  • Our stupidity, at least, keeps conscience or revolution from destroying the peace of our meals.
  • The mob followed him, pillaging as they went, destroying the furniture, seeking the fugitive.
  • The moon rose, and, far from destroying the mirage, it rendered the illusion still more striking.
  • Destroying the mills and factories of Atlanta, Sherman set out for the seashore.
  • Each time he reaffirmed that they were within reach of destroying the almighty, the ArchBishop.
  • The heathen Picts had marched westward to the sea, destroying the Celtic churches.
  • On the subject of destroying the Storm King, however, he debated long and earnestly.
  • This was a bitter disappointment, and he considered for a moment the advisability of destroying the will.
  • Poultry may also be of assistance in destroying the insects after they have entered the ground to pupate.
  • The army were engaged until noon of the 14th in destroying the cornfields which were very extensive in the vicinity of the town.
  • He saw how surely it must undermine the other kind by destroying the trustworthiness of clerks and cashiers.
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