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  • Separations of this kind are often destructive of the old family relationships.
  • In other words, the destructive side of criticism is purely a subsidiary affair.
  • In the meantime the hook-and-ladder companies were plying their glorious and destructive trade.
  • It promised to be more destructive than the others, but that was drawing a rather narrow line.
  • Potatoes are attacked by two species of insects, both destructive unless held in check.
  • The canker-worms and the destructive tent-caterpillars also cause the death of many fruit trees.
  • The larva also lives in rotten wood; it is too scarce ever to prove very destructive in houses.
  • A destructive fire, a few years ago, greatly damaged these and also the fabric of the church.
  • From the very heart of war there issues this mighty protest of life against the destructive force of death.
  • Indeed they are so destructive to the farmer's crops, that he kills them in self-defence.
  • Indeed, a much shorter distance than that was desirable if the torpedo was to accomplish its most destructive purpose.
  • That competition tends to drain the sources of consumption, and urges production to a destructive activity?
  • There they feed largely on the cotton boll-weevil, one of the most destructive of all insects, as we have seen.
  • But these shocks and ruins are less destructive to us, than the stealthy power of other laws which act on us daily.
  • One type of craft, however, proved a more destructive enemy of the submarine than even the destroyer.
  • If his days were sapping his vigor and driving him to the verge of madness, his nights were periods of a far more destructive torture.
  • On most streams destructive floods at certain seasons and low waters at others interfere with navigation during a considerable part of the year.
  • The other day, having laid a mine, they seem to have used one of their own cruisers to test its destructive power.
  • But they certainly are not likely to be more destructive than they who call themselves Conservatives; for these have left nothing to be destroyed.
  • During the civil war, with its changing fronts, evacuations assumed a more feverish and consequently a still more destructive character.
  • This speech zone acts as a whole, and many disorders of speech may arise from destructive lesions within its limits.
  • It may be summed up as a happy alternation of destructive fires and vigorous priors, aided by munificent archbishops and master masons of genius.
  • The boll worm is most destructive in the south-western states, where the damage done is said to vary from 2 to 60% of the crop.
  • Yet, terribly destructive as these U-boats were, the number which were operating simultaneously in this and in other fields was never very large.
  • The French army had not been demoralized by defeat, or wearied by long inaction, or sapped by destructive propaganda.
  • This illustration immediately makes it clear why the Allied submarine itself was the most destructive enemy of the German submarine.
  • Incomparably more destructive to the small German princes have been the Hohenzollerns than the Bonapartes.
  • Even if it had been written in the time of Albert the Good, he would have rent it with the destructive dagger of a phrase.
  • Multiply these horns over the surface of the body, lessen their size, and crown them with hairs, and we have our Io moth, so destructive to corn.
  • This is a hard, wearing, dry climate, which, though preferable to Hindostan, is destructive to the weak and sickly.
  • Every such person should first ask himself whether his objection might not be retorted, or the shaft be hurled back with destructive force at the assailant.
  • Folding this up and getting it into a sack meant to contain it only when dry, was a long operation, trying to the temper and very destructive to the finger-nails.
  • The destructive character of the dolphin amongst the various tribes of fish is not lessened when we examine its formidable jaws studded with an immense number of interlocking teeth.
  • The conditions of literary success are almost destructive of the best social power, as they do not leave that frolic liberty which only can encounter a companion on the best terms.
  • Especially is the theatre from time to time abused for being a destructive negation of art, in just as lively a fashion as it is declared at other times to be the sole realization of the artistic ideal.
  • All of these are the results of destructive metabolism, and we must, therefore, conclude that destructive processes are seated in the cell substance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Destructive | Destructive Sentence

  • Fuller, Thomas, on destructive fieldmice, 208, 209.
  • Annual Loss Occasioned by Destructive Insects.
  • He is more destructive to walnut and plum than the curculio.
  • Davenport muttered something about the destructive effects of shaped charges.

Definition of Destructive

Causing destruction; damaging. | Causing breakdown or disassembly. | (computing) Lossy; causing irreversible change.
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