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  • But in the organism the principle is not thus detachable as a thing or agent.
  • It was a question of pins, a thing attachable or detachable at will.

How To Use Detachable In A Sentence?

  • The platform being easily detachable may serve as a raft in case of injury to the submarine boat.
  • Needless to say, the holder should be entirely of metal, and the wire cage detachable and easily renewed.
  • The gun-carriage itself is of steel, with hickory wheels and hickory and steel shafts, detachable at will.
  • There was a detachable keel below; and fitted into groves on the top were a collapsible mast and sail for use on the surface of the water.
  • The detachable part of the arrow is a short but extremely hard piece of wood upon which is fitted an iron head with two barbs.
  • When he smiled apoplectically above his first waistcoat and detachable collar, his Adam's apple and his mother's heart fluttered.
  • Firewood became a problem, and, to feed the stove, we began to pull pieces off the more easily detachable parts of the Wank.
  • My remarks about the kind of mind which holds its thoughts and feelings by so precarious a tenure that they are detachable for use by others were not made with a forethought of your failure.
  • He set the four-foot tube in the center of the quadrilateral formed by the pitons and braced it in position by attaching lines to the eyes on a detachable collar that encircled the drill.
  • Shrewd enough to understand the heavy claims of serious passion, they prefer affairs of the senses only; episodes that are a secret detachable part of their lives.
  • In order to make the sides of the ships collapsible, certain seams were unavoidably left in the plates, where the detachable part joined the main structure.
  • Gripped by the ankles he found himself being dragged like a sack of flour from the detachable car to the V-shaped gangway connecting two of the fixed gondolas.

Definition of Detachable

Designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage. | Any device that is designed so that it can be detached from something else.

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