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  • Pillars with detached shafts.
  • There are two which are not so detached at all.
  • He looked straight before him, with a detached air.
  • One single, detached presence is enough to make a public.
  • Two detached themselves from it and swam to the Tahaa.
  • The detached state of this regiment is enough to ruin it.
  • It detached itself from my lips and fell slowly by her side.
  • They'll get any detached gangs you send out.
  • He told her what his theory was, putting it into a few detached words.
  • Two Sergeants off on detached duty and two Corporals in hospital.
  • And then, as his thoughts detached themselves, he remembered Emily's tears.
  • Kwaiba's hands were detached from the masses of O'Hana's hair.

How To Use Detached In A Sentence?

  • It was our affectation to be a little detached from the main stream of undergraduate life.
  • Truxton recovered the catch from the bushes and coolly detached the truculent pin.
  • It struck her he spoke in a very detached way, and some odd foreshadowing came to her.
  • In this case the sarcophagus is detached and not in relief, and the figures also stand free.
  • The grounds contain several detached houses, occupied by the secretaries and others.
  • In one of the wigwams, detached from the rest, sat a very old man wrapped in a tattered blanket.
  • That detached her from the sinister question of his conduct on the South African veldt.
  • It was the first detached and adverse criticism of the Englishman I had ever encountered.
  • These four detached papers were, I believe, all that was written of "Erewhon" before 1870.
  • But her manner was so detached and indifferent that no one could have guessed her remark was of the least significance.
  • Two of the horsemen detached themselves from the escort and remained hidden behind some bush at the shoulder of the hill.
  • Left in this manner they may develop their own root system and can eventually be detached from the mother root.
  • Once these two languages had been the sole means of initiation to the detached criticism and partial comprehension of the world.
  • Only a few detached rules from our parents, to be blindly followed when particular crises supervene.
  • At the report of the gun two huge blocks of stone almost as large as a house detached themselves and fell.
  • She detached it from her neck with some little difficulty, for the clasp was a firm one, and held it out.
  • There were several detached officers also waiting here, and the units forming the reinforcements were coming in daily.
  • It detached the enemy from his base as a sponge is torn from a rock, and left him ringed about with fire in that pitiless plain.
  • Doubtless he had been heard approaching, for two or three men detached themselves from the rest, and started to cut him off.
  • Leaning down dangerously from his perch, he detached it from the twig on which it had caught, and then sat holding it in his hand and gazing at it.
  • The room in which Jimmie wrote was in a little detached house, which had once been the office of his doctor grandfather.
  • My service has been so much on the frontier and with detached corps, that I had previously had but small opportunities for the study.
  • She was a little troubled about it, and it was not by her wish that he and she found themselves detached from the group with which they had set out to stroll through the gardens.
  • M. Barth classifies the Vedic gods according to the degree in which they have become detached from their natural basis.
  • Striking a match, I discovered a large bat which the smoke from our fire (there was no chimney) had evidently detached from the rafters.
  • I suppose it is intended rather to employ me when detached from the main force, as the other day under Brigadier Hope.
  • Dependent as they seemed to be on the frame of mind of observers and observed, they defied the ordinary criteria of detached and abstract observation.
  • Such a locally-separable principle is an addition which is due to the analogy of mechanical movement, where a detached agent sets in motion and directs the machinery.

Definition of Detached

Not physically attached; separated from something it could connect to. | Of a house: not joined to another house on either side. | Having or showing no bias or emotional involvement; disinterested.
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