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How To Use Detect In A Sentence?

  • Dreamer as he was, he had never yet been able to detect himself in the act of dreaming.
  • They know it too, and peep with their eyes to see if you detect their sad plight.
  • I strained my vision to detect any movement in its limbs, but none was perceptible.
  • She put on a candid air in which one could detect a little of her peasant cunning.
  • They grow larger and plumper each day, until it is difficult to detect them from the adult.
  • It is possible to detect the potassium flame in such cases, however, in the following way.
  • It is easy, however, to detect certain attributes more or less peculiar to each god.
  • We here detect a person quite unnoticed hitherto by the moderns, Magnus the arithmetician.
  • He was watching the Rangar narrowly, yet he could not detect the slightest symptom of emotion.
  • And its great advantage is that it can detect its enemy long before that enemy can detect the submarine.
  • We compared the hemming with that on our own handkerchiefs, but were not able to detect much difference.
  • Through the raillery of her words he could detect a certain half-girlish earnestness which seemed to him delightful.
  • Must it not have been irretrievably lost, and shall we be surprised if we hereafter detect in her a tendency to heartlessness?
  • If the oxidation takes place slowly, the heat is generated so slowly that it is difficult to detect it.
  • The only flaw that she could detect was that dryness of soul that she had noticed before, as of soil that has been too heavily drained.
  • I forgot that it is not for the prejudiced eye to detect the almost imperceptible bound which separates soundness of mind from insanity.
  • By watching for traces during the day it is not difficult to detect where the birds roost, and once this is discovered the rest is easy.
  • They may detect their reviewer, and they may be safe in attributing to him the general matter and tone of the article.
  • Under the calm reserve of a most polished manner you can still detect a shrinking horror of all the vulgar association of the rank she came from.
  • Other ears are unable to detect a difference in two sounds when they differ by as much as one full step of the chromatic scale.
  • Of all speakers, the story-teller should keep his eyes on his entire audience and be alert to detect the slightest signs of weariness.
  • Matthew Hale gave rise to an instance of the lengths a lawyer will go when before a jury who cannot detect him.
  • Is it not possible then that there may be even yet new channels dug out for consciousness, though we can detect no signs of them at present?
  • With practice, I shall come to detect the shade of difference in his expression which will tell me which it is.
  • And the professor would not necessarily need to have the 'curious ear' of a Milton to detect this kind of superiority of the few.
  • When there was no more doubt that his own men, at all events, had failed to detect the lieutenant, he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Detect | Detect Sentence

  • Who can detect the rogue at dead of night?
  • I detect a smell of smoke down there, says he.
  • How could you detect lead if present in tin foil?
  • It invests him, and others quickly detect its presence.
  • How could you detect arsenic, antimony, or copper in lead?
  • He did not detect them in a single specimen of refined sugar.
  • The blind hear where those with eyesight can detect nothing.
  • It is wonderfully delightful to detect the errors of a saint.
  • The cautious reader will detect a lack of authenticity in the following pages.
  • She could detect good water from bad and could find forage for horses.
  • I do not detect the dry, hard, rocky basis of which you speak.
  • There are lines in his forehead, too, that one could not detect a year before.
  • The following is the only song in which I think I detect insincerity.
  • Yet we can, if we will, detect an adequate explanation of Horace's attitude.

Definition of Detect

(obsolete) Detected. | to discover or find by careful search, examination, or probing
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