Detection in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Detection

1. This detection has made him desperate. 🔊

2. Now really the worst danger of detection was over. 🔊

3. It is therefore used in the detection of these metals. 🔊

4. Thanks to his brains, detection is impossible. 🔊

5. But this man was by no means a mere detection machine. 🔊

6. Thanks to his brains, detection is impossible. 🔊

7. The heels of Detection are sore from the toes of Remorse. 🔊

8. Many a king has been made a tyrant by the detection of a conspiracy. 🔊

9. These specific elements are capable of detection and analysis. 🔊

10. Even as it was, I saw detection staring me straight in the face. 🔊

How to use Detection in Sentences?

1. He was of opinion that the observers had been mistaken in the alleged detection of perturbations. 🔊

2. The gully was an unknown place then, and having once reached it all fear of detection was over. 🔊

3. These reactions make the detection of even minute quantities of arsenic a very easy problem. 🔊

4. At any rate, the detection of falsehood in a history, is not a motive to suppose it true. 🔊

5. His phenomenal instinct in the detection of crime had fastened unerringly on a singular coincidence. 🔊

6. The plants should be tended carefully, and close observation made for the detection of disease or pests. 🔊

7. The detection of our identity, or punishment for preparing to fight a duel were the ideas that sprang up in my head. 🔊

8. He has malice enough in him to take away life, if he felt sure he could do it without detection and punishment. 🔊