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  • Two detectives were to sit up in turns.
  • Two detectives leaped for the cab.
  • I went up to watch the detectives at work.
  • And those detectives chased me, too!
  • The two sides are called detectives and robbers.
  • The detectives left the house at the end of the afternoon.
  • That very night, detectives arrested Couillard.
  • But the detectives found nothing, and I grew desperate.
  • During the following days the detectives came just as often as before.
  • Day after day the detectives came and told me of what was going on.
  • The six detectives were as safely imprisoned as the deputy chief.
  • A whistle, and the detectives would burst in and all would be over.
  • For practically the whole of the day, the detectives searched the house.
  • She had tried to keep Penton from employing detectives to follow us.
  • Midwinter watched by the most famous detectives in America, watched for years.
  • The inspectors and detectives all told me: "Be brave!

How To Use Detectives In A Sentence?

  • Through the window on the landing he saw the detectives guarding the courtyard.
  • The captain of the detectives then sends out his men to search for the robbers.
  • And as the detectives had drawn the blinds, he was unable to consult the clocks in the street.
  • Two detectives stood waiting for them, surrounded by a small crowd of onlookers.
  • The captain of detectives was before his desk when Prale was ushered into the office.
  • One of the detectives left the suite with Prale and walked down the hall to the elevator.
  • A bell rang, and the detectives went out, following the old maidservant who had shown them in.
  • Your detectives have made a grave mistake which a word, no doubt, will be enough to set right.
  • Sidney Prale did so, and the captain of detectives made notes regarding the addresses.
  • When Henry Burns returned a few minutes later, two of the detectives were with him.
  • I wish to tell you that one of the shrewdest detectives in New York is at work on this case.
  • Failing, she set off for the police station to talk to Detectives Fuller and Brandon.
  • Reddy had never had to put detectives on his track or search him out in the poolrooms and saloons of the town.
  • Attracted by the shots and the noise, the detectives were already rushing through the hall and up the staircase.
  • From the crashing of underbrush, she knew the detectives were having difficulty in following the woman.
  • He would go down in police history as the most mysterious of those criminals who have set the detectives by the heels.
  • After a month of search, the detectives came to the conclusion that the book was not in his possession.
  • On the boulevard he met one of the detectives who had given chase to the murderer and who was returning quite out of breath.
  • The movement which the two detectives made toward the two doors told him that his arrest was provided for.
  • The detectives caught it and placed it on the table with some difficulty, for it was much heavier than it looked.
  • The detectives had already distributed themselves on every side to bar the fugitive's road.
  • One of the first tests for guilt invented by detectives was to ask a supposed murderer to touch the body of his victim.
  • Under the lamp light, in the midst of the detectives holding him, he was magnificent in his helpless violence.
  • M. Hamard had arrived with a whole troop of detectives to carry out investigations throughout my house.

Definition of Detectives

plural of detective
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