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  • On no account should its unnecessary detention at any office be permitted.
  • In this reply the reason for the detention of the fugitives leaked out.
  • But his first appraisal of the detention quarters had been the right one.
  • The order for the detention of Sitting Bull has been rescinded.
  • That detention for bad marks given by Miss Henniker be abolished.
  • My detention in Richmond will prevent my return home as soon as I expected.
  • Stir--imprisonment in a detention barracks.
  • The prosecutor demanded four months' detention and degradation.
  • His detention in Arkansas was not at all to Phillips's liking.

How To Use Detention In A Sentence?

  • These ships will be freely bunkered and will be immune from detention on our part.
  • The detention of this mysterious prisoner in the Bastille was not an extended one.
  • La Chambre des pairs le condamna à la détention perpétuelle et à la mort civile.
  • We shall be sentenced to ten years in the Palace of Corrective Detention if it be discovered.
  • La détention de M. de Malseigne dans cette ville donnait lieu à une vive appréhension.
  • Belcher and Brooke visit Brunai, 1844, to enquire into alleged detention of an European female.
  • M. de Fontanges accounted for his long detention at Lieu Desire by stating the real fact, viz.
  • A film of foreign substance on the skin will inevitably become the seat of detention of miasmata and infectious vapors.
  • It is ordinarily essential to a valid commitment that it should contain a specific statement of the particular cause of the detention ordered.
  • On the whole, the camp struck me as being as nearly ideal as it is possible for a place of detention of this kind to be.
  • That is, the power of detention and search in all cases of suspicion by the agent, that a person is carrying letters.
  • It is a question whether detention in prison, without remedial influences, is not more of a loss than a gain.
  • The sun never seems so bright or the turf so green as during the first five minutes after one has come out of the detention room.
  • Of these there are two, the one a permanent convict establishment, the other for the temporary detention of prisoners passing through.
  • This last sum is not even sufficient to pay the expenses incurred by the detention of our prizes in order to serve as transports for the army.
  • If the imprisonment or detention is found to be illegal, or without sufficient cause, the prisoner is set at liberty.
  • Mike stretched himself; the sun was very soothing after his two hours in the detention room; he felt disinclined for exertion.
  • It is not until the Edwardian period of our history that we find castles used as places for the secure detention of captives.
  • He explained his singular detention as the act of a whole family of witches whom he had unfortunately offended during a visit down East.
  • An imperial policy does not necessarily imply such vagaries as the forcible detention of the forcibly annexed Boer republic.
  • I have not cared to quote adverse "unofficial information and rumours," either as regards our own or other detention camps.
  • About 20,000 German spies and reservists are in detention camps on the west coast, and on the islands.
  • But, I think, the compensation made for the present and future detention of them will be a sufficient equivalent.
  • Then followed his arrest, and his detention in the fortress of Savona, which was the turning-point in his mental life.
  • This would occasion little irregularity or delay, because the cause of the detention, should detention occur, would always be known.
  • Their detention became a little less wearisome with work, music, billiards, astronomy, and pleasant companionship.
  • The cost of the journey is twenty dollars, and the time usually three days or more, including a detention of some hours at Astoria.
  • However, they were arrested by the agent, and carried off to Fort Vancouver for detention and trial.
  • Before entering upon any explanation, I ask enlightenment regarding the detention of my lady of Sayn.
  • During the Terror, with many other English, he was arrested and remained under detention for over two years.

Definition of Detention

(uncountable) The act of detaining or the state of being detained. | (countable) A temporary state of custody or confinement, especially of a prisoner awaiting trial, or of a student being punished.

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