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  • Only an immovable determination for war can explain this behaviour.
  • Her virtue and her determination to remain unmarried were equally firm.
  • Gordon went back to his little office filled with a determination to succeed.
  • The determination to be friendly made my brother offer to take her to us.

How To Use Determination In A Sentence?

  • The brow will be elevated in surprise, or lowered in determination and perplexity.
  • It evinced a deep and settled abhorrence of crime, and an inflexible determination to punish it.
  • Sanitary analysis, on the other hand, is the determination of the organic matter present.
  • The holes showed the determination with which Satan had tried to force a passage.
  • Of bulldog British determination to fight to a finish and to win there is no shadow of doubt.
  • It evinced the determination of the strong-willed Mrs. Carrington to have her own way.
  • No doubt she recollected how I had expressed my determination to go to Scotland Yard.
  • But that does not lessen their radical and inevitable impress in the determination of the whole character.
  • She was conscious only of revolt against the blow that had been dealt her, and determination to support it.
  • A fierce determination had buoyed him up and the most daring kind of rough riding had carried him through.
  • With grim determination he battled on that day through the flaming sunshine and gave himself no rest.
  • A number of different methods have been devised for the determination of the percentages of the constituents present in the atmosphere.
  • Turenski to push a broom around the floors of the museum, and this he did with great determination and efficiency.
  • Neither are we able to follow him in the play of metaphysical fancy which conducts him from one determination of thought to another.
  • Hence it is said that this power over the will can do nothing, can cause no determination except by acting to produce it.
  • From the mortal dangers of their machinations you have saved me, exhibiting a courage and a determination that cannot be sufficiently applauded.
  • He hoped that no such necessity would ever exist; but in case it should, his determination was made.
  • There were shudders, ejaculations, and a general determination to leave even sooner than anticipated.
  • And when with a great shouting and tooting of horns the tallyho drew up under the porte-cochere, her determination weakened.
  • The evidence upon which this determination is based is that the symbol constantly accompanies the red mouthed, black deity.
  • The guerrillas displayed a bravery they seldom showed when engaged with regular troops, and fought with determination and ferocity.
  • The above method for the determination of the composition of water was first used by Berzelius in 1820.
  • The mineral analysis of a water is, as the name suggests, simply the determination of the mineral matter present.
  • A tribunal, having as its object the investigation and determination of matters pertaining to the commerce and trade of the Indies.
  • The girl had something deeper than charm, reflected the older woman; she had determination and endurance, the essentials of character.
  • No doubt multitudes so enlisted under the Confederate flag with full determination to desert to our lines at the first convenient opportunity.
  • It sent a shiver through me, and even old Piegan stood aghast at the malevolent determination of the man.
  • And her lips were set in a determination never to return to Cregan, though her chin trembled with pity of herself in the determination.
  • The old soldier, however, remained firm in his determination to hold out, even though his position was now absolutely hopeless.
  • The Barone had not yet proposed, and his sudden determination to return to Rome eliminated this disagreeable possibility.
  • His determination to get back led him to carry his appeal to the highest quarters, to Glover and to Bucks himself.
  • A rash determination to drive across the Minahasa, and pick up the boat at Menado, involves unimagined difficulties.
  • How Julia Page, reared in rather unpromising surroundings, lifted herself through sheer determination to a higher plane of life.
  • He had breadth and depth of forehead and a jowl that lent itself to smiles as well as sternness, and a throat that expressed manly determination in every molded line.
  • Such determination therefore starts up also outside that universal; and as heteronomy or determinance of a will which is free and has rights of its own, there awakes here the deepest contradiction.
  • Nothing should prevail upon him to go back the same way: he had long ago decided that, and recent events had made his determination more fixed than ever.

Definition of Determination

The act of determining, or the state of being determined. | Bringing to an end; termination; limit. | Direction or tendency to a certain end; impulsion.
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