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  • It yields to motives which determine it independent of the will.
  • How could you determine whether a given sample of water is distilled water?
  • Each man must determine the meaning of the Word for himself.
  • Stebler (1939) suggested the use of tracking records to determine home range.
  • I do not determine what would be best for Mr. Pitt to do in his situation.

How To Use Determine In A Sentence?

  • How could you determine the total amount of solid matter dissolved in a sample of water?
  • Rebstock, driven to desperation, held council after council to determine what to do.
  • But I do not understand why at this moment we must determine the nature of discourse.
  • It is the future of psycho-therapeutics that will determine the future of Christian Science.
  • Nor can I for a moment determine how much deliberate intention I hide from myself in this affair.
  • Thus, suppose we wish to determine the pressure to which the gas in tube A (Fig.
  • The Cardinals could not determine whom to chuse for Head of the Church, till about a Week ago.
  • The object to which the decoration is applied must determine the nature of the ornament to be employed.
  • Whether the foregoing scheme possesses this characteristic of truth or not, the reader can now determine for himself.
  • In an actual experiment it is easier to determine the density of a gas than the weight of a definite volume of it.
  • If they should cross each other's tracks priority of discovery would determine the ownership.
  • But before we should attach any weight to such an objection, we should first consider and determine two things.
  • It was necessary to determine which cottontails had been studied sufficiently to determine the approximate extent of their home ranges.
  • It would be of great advantage in the study of chemistry if we could determine the weights of the different kinds of atoms.
  • Stedman was not able to determine the authorship for me, as the verses were new to him, but the authorship has now been traced.
  • The method used by these investigators enables us to determine directly the proportion by weight in which the hydrogen and oxygen combine.
  • In this way it might be hoped to determine a division in which neither part would suffer and great loss or inconvenience.
  • Neither of these considerations, however, should determine the maximum number of stations to be placed on a line.
  • We have no knowledge as to why elements differ in their combining power, and there is no way to determine their valences save by experiment.
  • The burgomaster determine to receive the illustrious personage in proper style, and ordered the two rivals to hold themselves in readiness.
  • It is well known that sensations from without will not only frequently excite dreaming, but will also often determine the character of the dreams.
  • We have sought the truth, and how far we have found it, no one should proceed to determine without having first read and examined.
  • The need of making a particular word the subject of the sentence will often, as in these examples, determine which voice is to be used.
  • As, according to the hypothesis, he might be innocent; so no tribunal on earth could fairly determine that he was guilty.
  • First, inasmuch as the division of the sphere, which is an unknown quantity, is to be determined, we must determine and verify its size.
  • A careful review of these snakes is needed to verify the validity of the characters used to separate the subspecies and to determine areas of intergradation.
  • This enables us to fix the week numbers to the intermediate days and to determine the day to which the entire series is referred as its starting point.
  • The student wishing to determine for himself what are the effects of the properties of lines upon open or cable circuits will find most of the subject in the following equation.
  • Huerta professed to be holding office only until a peaceful election could determine the will of the nation, but the date of that peaceful election had to be constantly put off.
  • In substance this was reduced to saying that they ought to determine first the manner of locating the islands and to choose the meridian for the three hundred and seventy leagues.
  • But it may happen that, deeming it impossible to triumph through his own resources over the difficulties which surround him, this sovereign may determine to abdicate.
  • Since by means of the explosion of the gases the force is produced which drives the airplane propeller, the violence and frequency of these explosions determine the power of the engine.
  • The astounding ease with which these little winged creatures were able to float across the heavens was indeed baffling; it was difficult to determine just how it was accomplished.
  • Events still to come must determine whether Anglo-Saxon history is to be enriched with another Nelson.
  • By chemical analysis it is possible to determine the percentage composition of these substances, and the percentages of nitrogen in them as determined by analysis are given in the third column.

Definition of Determine

To set the boundaries or limits of. | To ascertain definitely; to figure out, find out, or conclude by analyzing, calculating, or investigating. | To fix the form or character of; to shape; to prescribe imperatively; to regulate; to settle.
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