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How To Use Deterred In A Sentence?

  • We are more frequently deterred by fear from making an attack, than repulsed in the encounter.
  • We had just enough money left to pay for the passage, but one thing deterred us.
  • Many who have the taste, and wish to form a Library, are deterred by fear of the cost.
  • Many of the rich had enjoyed the splendor and comfort of silken garments and they were not to be deterred from possessing them.
  • There was something in his bearing and expression that deterred her from using the rather condescending words she had formulated.
  • He himself was as eager in his way to make satisfaction as she; he was only deterred by considerations of common sense.
  • I was doing my duty, to the best of my discernment, and was not to be deterred by all the lead in the world.
  • He thought for a moment of seeking the shore again, but the fear that the boat would be ruined deterred him.
  • The need of replying to his personal enemies and the detractors of his nation deterred him perhaps from achieving this part of his scheme.
  • They glared at him fiercely, and were on the point of rushing on him, had not something in his demeanour deterred them.
  • I was also somewhat deterred by a natural reluctance to alter so radically my preconceived views and opinions as to the situation.
  • I was not deterred by the presence of others; and their censures on my want of filial respect and duty were listened to with unconcern.
  • The idea of writing to him occurred to me more than once, but the thought that he might throw my letter into the fire unread deterred me.
  • This appearance of resolution deterred them, supposing they could effect their purpose without risk after we were in the boat.
  • She had been foolish enough to borrow money of a man whose character ought to have deterred her, and then to offend him mortally.
  • In no wise deterred by what had happened, the miserable crowd ran forward, yelling more piteously than ever.
  • We must not be deterred from this universal application by the fact that we cannot, as yet, prove its truth in every detail.
  • This alone would have deterred the tutor from a retreat so public: besides, he saw something which placed him at his ease.
  • A due regard to my safety, and the unextinguished sense of honour, deterred me from seeking auxiliaries and co-agents.
  • Moreover, it had, they claimed, deterred many from using the seal and had greatly impeded the taking up of land.
  • Negroes attempting to leave were arrested and held to see if by legal measures they could be deterred from going North.
  • From this design, my incapacity to walk thus far, and the consequences of being discovered in the street, had hitherto deterred me.
  • No attack was, however, made, the enemy being doubtless deterred by the apparent promptitude in anticipating their movements.
  • The latter was my stunt, but one look at the dirty water overside and another at my fresh-painted deck, deterred me.
  • For a moment Pratt meditated interference, but something in the movement and face of the visitor deterred him.
  • I talked to her freely; talked of winds and tides and Indians, and was not deterred when she answered me but sparingly.
  • The Canadian affair came near ending in an imprudent offer, from which he was with difficulty deterred by a cool-headed friend.
  • Elsewhere producers are deterred from specializing processes further in distinct businesses by the fear of the worries of buying and selling as between them.
  • Perhaps the unsuccessful attempt of Dr. Campbell has deterred you from at least recapitulating the principal answers to this proposition.
  • They were now present; but the distance was so great and the travelling communications so difficult of access that they might be deterred from again appearing.
  • It soon became apparent to her that he desired her to understand that he deeply loved her, and was deterred only by his poverty from seeking her hand.
  • Another large class of mothers are deterred from making any efficient effort to establish their authority over their children for fear of thereby alienating their affections.
  • The wind prevented the sound from reaching to any great distance, and those who heard it were deterred by the violence of the storm from obeying the summons.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deterred | Deterred Sentence

  • But something deterred him from applying to them now.
  • But what he saw in his face deterred him from speaking.
  • We were glad that the railway had not deterred us.
  • Who shall be daunted by difficulties, or deterred by discouragement?
  • So far from being deterred by it, he was more than ever determined to act.
  • I boldly complained of my poverty, inasmuch as it deterred me from my work.
  • But something, possibly my presence, deterred the Spaniards from singing.

Definition of Deterred

simple past tense and past participle of deter
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