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  • But there was no suggestion of deterring him.
  • Camp Douglass may have been a deterring influence.
  • Instead of deterring me, however, this only spurred me on to greater efforts.
  • That, however, far from deterring me, attracted me only the more.

How To Use Deterring In A Sentence?

  • So far from this deterring Engels, it was just this which made his task attractive.
  • Among those fierce Merovingians kinship of the closest degree had no deterring influence on their passions.
  • The sole result has been to delay the development of resources and industry by deterring the application of capital and entrepreneurship on any large scale.
  • Perhaps this belief in the effect of the curse of the suicide acts both in deterring or bringing back the erring husband, and in saving the wife from the extremities of her despair in abandonment.
  • These Commissions were given every facility for estimating how far under-nourishment had deteriorated the working power of the poor and was deterring them from work.
  • These threats, terrible as they were, did not succeed in deterring the daring, and the mighty men of the time were willing to brave them, when their interests promoted them.
  • But it is evident that in claiming the Connecticut he was actuated more by a hope of deterring the further aggressions of English settlers than otherwise.
  • It may be considered as a remedial measure, adopted solely with reference to its influence as a means of deterring the subject of it, or others, from transgression in time to come.

Definition of Deterring

present participle of deter
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