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  • Does it detract from its heavenly fulness and freeness?
  • The incident had tended further to detract from the romance of the country.
  • As we detract from this, so will be our weakness and downfall.
  • That would detract somewhat from the glory of the other when he arrived.
  • It may detract from its point, but it will be more connected and intelligible.
  • With attention to certain laws a woman can detract ten years from her age.
  • If their treatment has been just, why should I detract from their merit?
  • But that did not detract at all from Martha's enjoyment of the rides.

How To Use Detract In A Sentence?

  • But this fact did not detract in the least from the merit of its scientific discovery.
  • For several miles you feel that there is nothing to detract from the spell of the sea.
  • Nevertheless, such exceptional cases do not detract from the wisdom of clean weeding in general.
  • In restoring to Mr. Payne his own, I have had no desire to detract from Burton.
  • Let us not detract from our well deserved and established reputation for progressiveness by such a mistake.
  • Poor fireplace accessories such as these detract greatly from the charm that surrounds a good hearth and mantel.
  • It did not in the slightest detract from the interest of a meeting that many of the remarks erred on the score of irrelevancy.
  • Even the tilt of her crazy old bonnet could not detract from a strange new dignity that clothed her.
  • While it does not necessarily detract from the merit of their excellent productions, it prejudices all by belittling them in our estimation.
  • But this, he insists, does not detract from the divine inspiration and authenticity of the book as a whole.
  • This principle is so clear, that logic can neither add to nor detract from the intrinsic lustre of its evidence.
  • There was no insistent colour, to detract from the rich subdued values of this and other fine pieces of furniture.
  • So doing will give increased command over the staff, and will not in any way detract from speed or general efficiency.
  • Several of the fifteen men at the table had hands or heads bandaged, but that did not seem to detract from their gayety.
  • To believe in this great fact does not detract from human friendship, but really gives it worth and glory.
  • Unfortunately, they also show exaggeration of compliment and praise which detract from his words of sincere and honest admiration.
  • Still less is he one who would belittle a country he has learned to love or detract in any way from its due claims to the attention of mankind.
  • These, however, are but trifling defects which scarcely detract from the shining and ornamental completeness of his appearance.
  • Closer to the stalls, yet not so near as to detract from the business of the mart, some gleemen were exercising their art.
  • What else is this than to detract from the glory of Christ and to obscure and deny the righteousness of faith?
  • When there is no difference of opinion, differences merely of taste may be sufficient to detract greatly from the happiness of married life.
  • The certainty that her American father would be safe at home did not detract from the charm of the situation.
  • Our last illustration, however, reminds us that these drawbacks detract but little from the influence of earnest men.
  • But though Turquan has raised numerous points in her disfavor, they are not at all likely to detract from her unrivalled reputation for beauty.
  • There is a spiritual side to marriage; practices in secret, unapproved by others, detract definitely from this important phase of marriage.
  • For those imps in human form that endeavor to detract from the honor belonging to the wives of the country there ought to be no commiseration whatever.
  • I decided to insert both because the different way in which they are related led me to believe that the elimination of either would detract from the interest of the work.
  • The shades which distinguish these three forms are not without significance, but they in no way detract from the contractual character of concordats.
  • The beard is a trifle longer than we are accustomed to see it, but this deviation does not detract from the majesty of expression becoming the illustrious original.
  • It does not at all detract from the merit of the act that the losses, which they feared but unhesitatingly risked, were transmuted into unexpected gains.
  • No matter if some great writer has expressed the thought in better language than you can use, if you take his words you detract from your own originality.
  • That all great artists worked like him from the standpoint of creating recognisable form by abstract thought, does not detract from his fine destiny.

Definition of Detract

(intransitive) To take away; to withdraw or remove. | (transitive) To take credit or reputation from; to defame or decry.

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