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How To Use Detractors In A Sentence?

  • And the colt became as handy as the goat he was alleged by his detractors to resemble.
  • His detractors are reduced to the miserable expedient of striving to make him appear ridiculous.
  • His detractors charged that the entire speech was a bid for the support of the south in his eager struggle for the presidency.
  • Events had moved rapidly since the primitive days when she was content to bombard her detractors with slippers and garter buckles.
  • The need of replying to his personal enemies and the detractors of his nation deterred him perhaps from achieving this part of his scheme.
  • He thought he could impose a courteous silence upon his detractors and prevent comment on his ill success.
  • These figures are probably as much above the mark as those of Napoleon's detractors are below it.
  • The verdict of this committee was adverse, and justly so; yet the system condemned had at least one merit which its detractors failed to realize.
  • Many of their detractors were surprised at the amount of good-will and self-sacrifice revealed in the episcopal ranks when they were put to the test.
  • Again, when you have got the feelings of your friends in a sound state, you must then acquaint yourself with the attitude and varieties of your detractors and opponents.
  • But there lacked not detractors who swore that John Dibble and other Lincolnites had applied for torches for the mere pleasure of carrying them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Detractors | Detractors Sentence

  • His detractors are mine also.
  • In that matter certainly, its detractors have been confounded.
  • Let all that detractors can say be said, and how much remains untouched!
  • Thus Luther thought and spoke of his detractors and defamers.
  • He is charged by his detractors with the design to make himself Dictator.
  • Henceforth the mouths of Audrey's detractors were closed.

Definition of Detractors

plural of detractor
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