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  • This evening devastated him.
  • Unbridled license devastated the country.
  • The devastated and looted territories.
  • This scourge devastated these gatherings.
  • He has just come back to the devastated village.
  • She had fine eyes in a devastated face.
  • He swept his hand round the devastated cabin.
  • War, pillage, and anarchy again devastated France.
  • Kautsky has devastated these lines and made them commonplace.
  • Suppose all the mountains in this state should be devastated like this valley.
  • It devastated alike the houses of the nobles and the huts of the peasants.
  • There is no home so beautiful but it may be devastated by the awful curse.
  • Fiji was devastated by measles; other barbarians by small-pox.
  • Once started, a fire would have devastated the whole valley.
  • War with its flames of fire and streams of blood devastated the Republic.
  • Prince Robin had sent for him to appear in the devastated state chamber.
  • Tamerlane entered the sultan's dominions and devastated them.

How To Use Devastated In A Sentence?

  • But it was not by lava only that the country was devastated three centuries and a half ago.
  • Through a dreary waste of devastated country a little group of refugees plodded in silence.
  • The many fires that had devastated the infant city had without doubt been of incendiary origin.
  • When again, in 1906, earthquake and fire devastated the city its phoenix spirit came to life.
  • In his home, French marauders and plunderers have destroyed and devastated the entire contents.
  • Hungary was for a long time devastated by the wars between the partisans of Zapolya and Ferdinand.
  • To describe it would only be to repeat what I said of the devastated city of Ypres.
  • The town was devastated to such an extent that it was unable to furnish its quota of ships to the navy.
  • In the course of the war the captain or colonel had willingly bought with his booty a letter of nobility and some devastated property.
  • The locusts did much harm to the harvest, and this plague has devastated the land now for nearly four years.
  • The plague and other dread epidemics have devastated towns and countries, wars have destroyed peoples and their culture.
  • It was, however, a city devastated by pestilence and famine and with troops of wolves in all the suburbs.
  • Gifu was a total wreck, devastated by ruin and conflagration, causing the destruction of half its houses.
  • It was very necessary, moreover, to take steps to bring back some kind of prosperity to the devastated country.
  • All the prisons were full; all the gibbets were heavy with bodies; murder and plunder devastated the whole country.
  • In their view, the agricultural surplus produced by enclosure helped to save a society devastated by the mass deaths of the sixteenth century.
  • Lloyd felt devastated because he knew that the colours could only mean the unsuccessful landing of the Bestenese navy.
  • The Vicomte had one of those sudden attacks, forerunners of the cruel disease which had devastated his family.
  • Terrible cyclones have often devastated it; that in 1867 destroyed 30,000 native houses, and a very large amount of human life.
  • But Bert realized that he had had a narrow escape from death, and this thought kept him from dwelling too long on the devastated landscape.
  • At Chaotong I had entered upon a district that had been devastated by recurring seasons of plague and famine.
  • Of the terrible epidemic which devastated Ireland, there was much for which I drew on my own experience.
  • Of the terrible epidemic which devastated Ireland, there was much for which I drew on my own experience.

Definition of Devastated

Ruined, ravaged. | Extremely upset and shocked. | simple past tense and past participle of devastate
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