Devastating In A Sentence

How To Use Devastating In A Sentence?

  • Pressure on a little knob at the back of the handle released the devastating ray.
  • An anemic woman opposite sneezed and fixed a devastating stare on the fierce gentleman.
  • It was reserved for this devastating struggle to teach us how brave modern men could really be.
  • Her voice sank to a whisper, more alluring, more devastating upon him than when she spoke before.
  • I tried to see what there was in her to have excited in Lawson such a devastating passion.
  • Those wild days in the desert had seen to that, with devastating completeness....
  • I guessed at once that in this quiet Brittany home the war had reached out its devastating hand.
  • When Mark Thorn came in, it was like the vultures flying ahead of the last, devastating plague.
  • Tiglath-pileser had to content himself by devastating the city on the plain and the neighbouring villages.
  • But from a rational point of view some of her feelings and emotions were very devastating for her own existence and her own serenity.
  • So devastating had been the fire from the ships that the fort was little better than a shattered heap of brickwork and masonry.
  • Job had been remarking where the devastating hand of war had passed, and had counted up the objects destroyed.
  • This fear was never greater and more justified than on this occasion; never have the devastating results of invasion been more terrible.
  • Russian soldiers were systematically pillaging and devastating the country districts, terrorizing village and town alike.
  • Love, as he had read of it and mistaken it in his experience, was a devastating energy, greedy and devouring.
  • We had been subjected to a merciless and devastating shelling, and our first experience of war had cost us sixty-five men.
  • Smouldering fires burst out at times into devastating flames, and maddened bulls put down their heads and charge regardless of consequences.
  • So it is that war, like a devastating flood, creeps insistent into the most sacred places, and will not be denied.
  • The epoch of literary decadence began with the devastating expeditions of the fanatical Moslem in the tenth century.
  • In the worst-case scenario, a blown campaign might leave the telcos open to a devastating hacker counter-attack.
  • In the lower hall he noticed that all these pleasure seekers, a while ago flushed and happy, had undergone a devastating change.
  • Donald, from the top of the pine, saw the devastating berg sweep away the cordwood and disappear down-stream.
  • The northern side of this wedge was lined with heights from which the British artillery was pouring a devastating plunging fire.
  • Lord Blair did not believe in a man pandering to the whims of the woman he loved: his own experience had been too devastating for that.
  • She lifted her bridal finery out of the way of the devastating spurs, and was politely requested by a messenger from Royalty to drop it again.
  • A devastating curiosity seized upon us boys concerning that Latin grammar, for we had discovered the nature of the book.
  • It is one of the most awful specimens of the devastating track of war that exists on the Western Front.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Devastating | Devastating Sentence

  • The newcomer was of a portentous and devastating aspect.
  • It was a monster cannon that was devastating Paris.
  • In 1802 Havana was visited by a devastating conflagration.
  • Is there any disappointment so bitter, so devastating as that?
  • It was as though we traveled in the path of a devastating army.
  • Sad and devastating results from a long variant enslavement.
  • A devastating hand, a fierce destructive anger had been at work.
  • Brook said, his voice shattering with devastating uneasiness and fear.
  • Remains of their beauty exist, despite devastating wars and earthquakes.
  • But Western civilisation is a devastating and a selfish game.
  • Somehow Lynda expected this to be a devastating shock, but it was not.
  • It was a long, devastating spasm of doubt, like a trembling of the earth.
  • Meanwhile August has come, and soon devastating death is dealt out to them.

Definition of Devastating

causing devastation | present participle of devastate
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