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  • Archie seemed to be developing nerves himself of late.
  • Experiments with developing eggs, 121.
  • Russia, too, is developing her internal supplies.
  • There is no suggestion of developing a cheaper supply of electricity.

How To Use Developing In A Sentence?

  • All now depended on the developing of the photographs, and this was quickly done.
  • In conversation you have your best opportunity for developing your public speaking style.
  • This had been stormy, developing the first disagreements in what had been a unity of opinion.
  • I try to recall something near to their proper order the developing phases of relationship.
  • The family needs the co-operation of the church in its task of developing religious lives.
  • Morse was at that time in the wilds of Goyaz, where he was developing his mines.
  • The British have done some very fine work in developing airplanes of the speed scout type.
  • The present is in many ways an unfortunate moment at which to suggest the necessity of developing such an agency.
  • The family has excellent opportunities for developing through its own activities and duties the habits of the religious life.
  • Because of this, there is a possibility of developing a wrong sense of values in the religious life.
  • The greatest factor in education as a process of developing persons is the power of stimulating personality.
  • Soon her own clever engineers began to be heard from and she was responsible for developing several of the powerful modern types.
  • It is inevitable that in any rapidly developing science there will be differences of opinion in regard to the value of certain theories.
  • They must be aware that he had spent large sums in developing property which had not yet begun to pay.
  • Inner tubes are therefore cured to give a long life without developing the maximal physical properties.
  • I like also the idea of developing related words from the same root, as you do in the last few pages.
  • So in these early developing machines, quite a variety of method of organization was adopted by the different groups.
  • The problem the developing civilised state has to solve is how it can get the best possible increase under the best possible conditions.
  • He who has bestowed it, has entrusted us with the care of supporting it, of developing it, and of perfecting it.
  • But there was also a developing abscess deep in the groin, and the time came when a grave operation was necessary to save life.
  • The usual custom was for an artist to paint portraits for a living, meanwhile working and developing himself along the lines of his special genius.
  • What the Church has already done in the exercise of her developing power may be only a specimen of what she may hereafter accomplish.
  • I've got a little money, and I intend to invest it in developing this homestead.
  • Accordingly, one fine evening found him on the wing, at the head of his summer nestlings, who were fast developing into grown-up birds.
  • Primary Object Lessons, for Training the Senses and Developing the Faculties of Children.
  • There is a sort of philosophy developing itself in him which will not impossibly cause him to settle down in this or some other equally singular course of life.
  • It was not long before this was improved upon, and later Wright machines had a four-cylinder, water-cooled engine developing 35 horsepower.
  • To answer these questions experimenters have been engaged in dividing developing eggs into pieces to determine what powers are still possessed by the fragments.
  • All that it costs, all the self-denial, labor, and often pain it must mean, is just the process of developing a fine, rich life.
  • During the last few years we have been thinking of the airplane solely as an instrument of war, and for that purpose we have bent our entire energies to developing it.
  • It was to the Pentagram Circle that I first broached the new conceptions that were developing in my mind.
  • It is hoped to use these aids particularly in the home demonstration work, which is already developing beyond the capacity of the trained workers.
  • Regular physical culture in a gymnasium will develop any muscle or part of the body almost at will, but if this be not possible much can be accomplished in developing the body by simple work.
  • It is undoubtedly a fact that the rapidly developing ideas along the above mentioned lines of dynamical biology have, been potent factors in bringing about the adoption of evolution.
  • It was an inspiration to watch the blossoming of purer thoughts and higher aspirations, and to feel that we were cooperating with the invisible spirits in developing the hidden angels in this youthful army.
  • For a time these developing phases were no more than a secret and private trouble between us, little shadows spreading by imperceptible degrees across that vivid and luminous cell.

Definition of Developing

In the process of development. | Of a country: becoming economically more mature or advanced; becoming industrialized. | present participle of develop
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