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How To Use Devolve In A Sentence?

  • On him would devolve the duty of looking after the old folk and his unmarried sisters.
  • Some persons may be astonished to learn that any duties devolve upon the guests.
  • I shall briefly enumerate the duties which devolve upon her in the latter capacity.
  • Upon you, therefore, will devolve the necessity of impeding his advance into this region.
  • The capital of my bequest, however, to devolve on his natural or testamentary heirs.
  • Hence you will perceive the necessity of preparing yourself for the important duties which may devolve upon you.
  • There the functions which would normally devolve on her would be performed in their entirety by a captive.
  • Should the commander have no staff for the performance of the foregoing functions, such detailed duties devolve upon him personally.
  • I could not bear her taking on herself every office that ought to devolve upon me, but could not help it.
  • If the author's heirs could not be traced, the copyright would devolve to the current publisher.
  • I therefore gladly devolve on you the duty of making known to the world the respectability of my parents, and especially that of my mother.
  • But among nearly all our familiar birds the serious cares of life seem to devolve almost entirely upon the female.
  • But among nearly all our familiar birds the serious cares of life seem to devolve almost entirely upon the female.
  • He has but to finish his task, and eat and sleep; the cares of the family devolve on master and mistress.
  • They build a nest of coarse sticks and mud, the whole burden of the enterprise seeming to devolve upon the female.
  • The prosecution of the guilty does not devolve on me, and Martin will never consent to undertake a suit for libel.
  • He was the largest of the boys, and, according to the knightly code, he remembered the carrying of the basket would devolve upon him.
  • It would devolve then on the state governments to keep the general government within the bounds which the Constitution set to its authority.
  • In future life, you will certainly be unsuccessful, if you fail, no matter for what reason, to discharge the duties which devolve upon you.
  • The training and instruction of men in handling kites, balloons and aeroplanes, and other forms of aircraft, will also devolve upon this battalion.
  • In view of the many laborious duties which devolve upon him, the Secretary, in many lodges, receives a compensation for his services.
  • Ought we not to admonish ourselves by joint council of the extraordinary duties which may devolve upon us from the dangers which so palpably threaten our common peace and safety?
  • I cannot but feel that this is in some respects a misfortune, and it will devolve upon you to decide upon several questions of importance that will materially affect our future existence.
  • A crown may at any time devolve upon a woman, and by her marriage with a powerful reigning prince her country may virtually be subjected to a foreign yoke.
  • Never did there devolve on any generation of men higher trusts than now devolve upon us, for the preservation of this constitution, and the harmony and peace of all who are destined to live under it.
  • The administration of the government of this great and rapidly increasing republic, will, in a few years, devolve upon those who are now receiving instruction in the public schools.
  • He was our engine-driver; we cannot replace him, therefore the whole duty of working the engines will devolve upon the engineer, Mr. Brand.
  • Upon each present generation rest the duty and the obligation of educating and qualifying for usefulness that which immediately succeeds, upon which, in turn, will devolve a like responsibility.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Devolve | Devolve Sentence

  • I feel the responsibility devolve upon me.
  • The helping would all devolve upon his would-be rescuer.
  • I know not how, That title could devolve to me.
  • On her may devolve the future political training of influential citizens.
  • Hence, much of the work seemed to devolve upon Dick and Greg.

Definition of Devolve

(obsolete, transitive) To roll (something) down; to unroll. [15th-19th c.] | (intransitive) To be inherited by someone else; to pass down upon the next person in a succession, especially through failure or loss of an earlier holder. [from 16th c.] | (transitive) To delegate (a responsibility, duty, etc.) on or upon someone. [from 17th c.]
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