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  • A man maddened by devotion will do everything and anything to achieve his ideal.
  • There was a quality in this faithful, doglike devotion that made her feel ashamed.
  • I could discover no vice in him except the, to us, disturbing excess of his devotion to her.
  • I noted that none of the Generals appeared or took part in the acts of devotion that day.
  • There were analogies between his devotion and the adoration of a mortal for a goddess beyond the stars.
  • It filled her to the full with an ecstasy of devotion which required no words in which to express itself.
  • Enrietter had been told not to wait up for me, and excess of devotion can be as trying as excess of neglect.
  • Engineering was his favorite study, but devotion to his books seems not to have kept him out of mischief.
  • Order and devotion were the very essence of our socialism, and a splendid collective vigour and happiness its end.
  • This devotion with which the staff is consecrated to altruistic labor is met by a spirit of buoyant gratitude from those on whom they minister.
  • I now began to play it with a quiet fervor and triumphant devotion which finally made the tears gush from my own eyes.
  • The power to inspire equally devotion and hatred had been throughout history the authentic sign of the saviour and of the destroyer.
  • Never in my life have I observed more evident signs of profound devotion than in those there present.
  • Vergil, despite his devotion to neat technique, may have had his misgivings about rules that in the end endanger the freedom of the poet.
  • In its place there had risen the tested devotion of a man for a woman in great trouble, compelled to deal with the most sordid things in life.
  • It was warfare, and manual labor of a most exhausting type, and loneliness, and devotion to a strict sense of duty.
  • I saw a man who believed the principal mischiefs in the English state were derived from the devotion to musical concerts.
  • For the first time she really understood the devotion of Kentuckians to their State and to each other.
  • What is there in this man himself, in his character, station, abilities, and promise, that are to recompense such devotion as this?
  • I had betrayed my party, my intimate friend, my wife, the wife whose devotion had made me what I was.
  • His admiration for the devotion and bravery of the army was combined with the greatest distaste for what he had seen of the way its great qualities were misused.
  • But the social state of those natives was a hindrance to the abundant fruit that ought to be expected from the fervent devotion and charity of so distinguished missionaries.
  • Certainly her chief attentions were lavished on the most distinguished among our friends, who were the very people most apt to put her devotion to the test.
  • But, to escape their officious zeal without wounding the jealous devotion of any one, I arranged to have each dame serve me one day in the week.
  • I cannot say what thoughts passed rapidly through my mind at the sight of this fair creature, but certainly much of devotion mingled with my sentiments.
  • Among the present generation may there appear many men and women whose devotion to the delicate flower shall be repaid by the gratitude of posterity!
  • No contemporary woman of education put to the test is willing to recognise any claim a man can make upon her but the claim of her freely-given devotion to him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Devotion | Devotion Sentence

  • But how about his fanatical devotion to the party?
  • He never loved you with such devotion as now.
  • Very touching was his devotion to the memory of his wife.
  • The devotion to these vines and trees he finds poisonous.
  • When you feel an Egyptian devotion to ices.
  • Unselfish devotion could go no farther, and Joan knew it.
  • The devotion of the two to each other grew with their growth.
  • It is not necessary to say that such grit and devotion won for him success.
  • He had a great devotion and cult for the memory of his mother.
  • He showed this devotion by never biting me as hard as he bit the others.
  • His smile, his cheeriness, his devotion to her remained with her.
  • This was all the reward that little Dave got for his devotion and courage.
  • Poor Pat's devotion to his beloved ruins was the cause of his undoing.

Definition of Devotion

(uncountable) The act or state of devoting or being devoted. | (uncountable) Feeling of strong or fervent affection; dedication | (uncountable) Religious veneration, zeal, or piety.
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