Devouring In A Sentence

Definition of Devouring

present participle of devour | The act by which something is devoured.

How To Use Devouring In A Sentence?

  • But meanwhile you are arousing in me a devouring curiosity as to the nature of the case.
  • It tasted muddy and disagreeable, but it drowned the fever which was devouring me.
  • They are so smart and fierce, and look like dragons ready to fight the devouring element.
  • And yet would suffer your devouring thoughts, To suck the blood of your dead brothers sonne!
  • But if you had known the devouring furnace that has burned in me day and night you would have pitied me.
  • In a few minutes the trees and undergrowth were lit up as though a mighty conflagration were devouring them.
  • His earlier love for her had suddenly burst into a passionate flame that seemed to be devouring his very soul.
  • A devouring melancholy preyed upon his heart, and seemed to be drying up the very blood in his veins.
  • In addition to which, he fried ham twice for them when they hinted that they were still hungry after devouring everything before them.
  • She felt as if swarms of army ants were crawling over her entire body, and were devouring her alive.
  • Then he waded in until he reached the deepest part of the pool, and waited for the advance of the devouring element.
  • Warblers and vireos are among the most helpful birds in an orchard, devouring large quantities of insects.
  • He wandered among old plays like an exile returning with devouring eyes to a dusty ancestral castle.
  • Okematan occupied himself in stirring the contents of the large kettle, and occasionally devouring a mouthful of pemmican uncooked.
  • Down swooped the white-winged deliverers, devouring the crickets with incredible voracity until but few were left alive.
  • The little minnows put on all the snobbish airs of the whales who had grown so large by devouring all the small fish in their business seas.
  • One has a glass of wine in his hand, and the other is the artist himself, who is laughing heartily at the man devouring the mussels.
  • I fear my good intentions were tainted with a devouring curiosity, and overlaid by the fascination which goes hand in hand with horror.
  • And she threw the bread from the basket, and the beautiful birds unbent their curved necks, devouring it voraciously under the water.
  • The flame ran nimbly up her arm, devouring her thin sleeve, and he had only just time to beat it out with his hands before it reached her hair.
  • He leaned forward, devouring the hero with his eyes, trying to pierce the bronzed skin, to read the record.
  • I know what is the matter: they feel dull, they want to work; they are tormented at the idea of devouring their honey instead of making it.
  • He was a rapid and omnivorous reader, devouring everything from a fairy tale to a blue book, and tearing the heart out of a book at express speed.
  • It had a look of suffocated grief; it was ravaged; it asked nothing and gave nothing; it was fixed on its one devouring preoccupation.
  • The strong, devouring all they could get, urged me to be done, and let them finish their fighting, eager for the fray.
  • Raphael could not be induced to join the company, preferring to spend the night devouring some books lately come from Venice.
  • Spellbound, I, with the rest of our remaining crew, watched the conquering progress of the devouring element.
  • Closely allied to the vampire is the were-wolf, which, however, instead of devouring the intellect of human beings, feeds only on their flesh.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Devouring | Devouring Sentence

  • Inflammation is devouring his vitals.
  • Apivorous: devouring bees.
  • They would not charge again upon those devouring spears.
  • He looked at her with fierce, devouring eyes.
  • Henceforward, one devouring desire occupied her mind.
  • I simply will not have him devouring you with his eyes in that way.
  • I pictured myself devouring the hams and crackers and jellies like a madman.
  • Worse than all else, the victors took to devouring the bodies of the slain.
  • Wolves entered the outlying parts of the town, devouring little children.
  • Through an opening overhead, he saw the skeleton seized by devouring flames.
  • With gambols playful as the innocent lamb, To the devouring altar.
  • Nobody was in waiting but Mrs. Powle; and she waited with devouring anxiety.

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