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  • What dexterously indicate the augmentation.
  • The dark youth shuffled the cards twice dexterously and dealt.
  • She smiled broadly, as she dexterously shifted the puffy white mass.
  • He split them open, dexterously boned and cleaned them, and ate them raw.
  • In some nests, hair, wool, and rushes are dexterously interwoven.
  • You could more dexterously play the Thief, than apply the Tincture.

How To Use Dexterously In A Sentence?

  • Hardly had they gone forth, when other arrows were dexterously inserted in the tubes.
  • The mason tossed his hat in the air and caught it dexterously on the point of his thumb.
  • She detested feeling her way in the dark, and now groped dexterously for a clue.
  • These he dexterously concealed from the iconoclastic citizen, took home, and preserved.
  • Whence came all these divers threads which Marie has so dexterously interwoven?
  • My father was watching, between smiles and tears, to see how dexterously she handled the distaff.
  • Then, dexterously warding off the missiles with his shield, he plunged into the Tiber.
  • The town will understand who is the principal character if you manage your article dexterously and with humour.
  • He had had to live dexterously to escape it to play little and with restraint for many months afterward.
  • Those trees growing on its banks were dexterously dropped so as to interlock their branches in mid-stream.
  • Dick concluded that there was too much of a crew to dexterously manage the raft in the swift voyage that must now be made.
  • Fielding did not paint downs to show how dexterously he could sponge out mists; but because he loved downs.
  • He dexterously eluded her entreaties to be furnished with minuter information, or to introduce this kinsman to her acquaintance.
  • While he dexterously rolled a cigarette with one hand we surrounded him, three panic-stricken women.
  • When it comes before the carver, he should place the carving-knife under the shoulder, and dexterously remove it.
  • Anne soon dexterously elicited an outline of Theodora's plans and what she was doing.
  • She plumped a potato into the bowl and dexterously used the handle of the knife to flick a long streak of hair over her left shoulder.
  • She dexterously untied the loose bow knot, and withdrew from its tissue wrappings, a fragrant bouquet of violets.
  • Then he bent over a fresh bowl, and dexterously dipped the cup full of milk, without seeming to break the cream.
  • Let a person draw a card from the pack, and let him replace it in the parcel from whence it was drawn, by dexterously offering that part.
  • One, a trickster, has concealed powder in her pocket handkerchief, and applies it dexterously while pretending to blow her nose.
  • Emett grasped one of the four whipping paws, and even as the powerful animal sent him staggering he dexterously left the noose fast on the paw.
  • She looked ahead, and saw that by a little judicious holding back Falloden had dexterously isolated her both from his own group and hers.
  • These managed their duties so dexterously that Matilda Junk was far from guessing what was going on.
  • He then busied himself very dexterously in lighting a fire, producing glasses, whisky, a cake, and cups and saucers.
  • It then retreated back to the drain, when the convict dexterously seized it by the tail, and, drawing it out, held it tight by the neck.
  • A yard, a foot, an inch, and the perspiring fingers of his left hand dexterously loosened the gaudy coloured scarf that hid my throat.
  • Hereupon the apparition seated herself dexterously on the broad coping of the wall and from that vantage surveyed him with eyes of cold disparagement.
  • He had a pale skin, his fingers, were long and bony, and he rode dexterously in and out, among the tree boles, with his hat in his hand.
  • He then very dexterously loosens the gills with his right hand, pinching out the gills and intestines at once; which is performed with great quickness.
  • The taste of the people took a curious turn in its development; they consider those actors perfect who can deceive them most dexterously in female outfits.
  • About one hundred of them did so, and dexterously carried the British troops through the rapids of the Upper Nile.
  • They were soon hidden again by a thicket; and dexterously spreading themselves among the bushes, they opened a smart skirmishing fire on the pickets.
  • Stingaree had picked up a programme, and dexterously mounted it between hammer and cartridge of the revolver which he had momentarily relinquished, much as a cornet-player mounts his music under his nose.

Definition of Dexterously

In a dexterous manner; skillfully; with precision.
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