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  • The whole thing was most carefully planned beforehand with diabolic ingenuity and resource.
  • Doubt might beget of diabolic power Active within, beyond the sense of brute.
  • The feminine excuse for this last diabolic iniquity had been that the kitchen at the last moment had discovered itself to be short of coffee.
  • In it, he explained how he first came to meditate the crime which he afterwards carried out with such diabolic persistence.
  • It is now to be the diabolic standard, and he goes with it towards the door of his house, pensive and sad.
  • And so none of his characters, divine, diabolic or human, will ever move us quite as he moves us himself.
  • In the emotional sphere also there is the throb of evil, felt as diabolic energy and presented as the element in which these characters have their being.
  • Where there had been placid beauty, there was now an ugliness that verged on the diabolic grotesque; where there had been healthy life, there was now foul corruption.
  • Of the several indictments against him, several had not been verified, but one at least they indeed had proved, and that was, that by diabolic agency he had escaped from the dungeon.
  • It was the diabolic Circus of the Candles, the infernal circus of the Witches' Sabbath.

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  • Troops of baffled demons fled at their approach howling in diabolic despair.

Definition of Diabolic

Showing wickedness typical of a devil. | Extremely evil or cruel.
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