Diagram In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Diagram | Diagram Sentence

  • Refer to the lower diagram for this.
  • Start in from the outside as shown on the diagram here.
  • Study the diagram on page 67.
  • She went on to diagram her meaning.
  • I examined his diagram closely.
  • The diagram shows corresponding degrees.
  • The diagram above gives the necessary dimensions.
  • Send for our price-list and diagram of sizes.
  • The construction of the box is shewn in the diagram below.
  • Copy the diagram of the zones in your note-book.
  • Larger-sized tubes than those on the diagram are also made.
  • The diagram section (fig.
  • This forms the ridge of the spiral as shown in diagram 3.
  • The diagram shows one method of arranging the dominoes.
  • The following diagram shows the pollination schedule used.
  • Make a diagram of the Kellogg receiver.
  • Make diagram of simplified circuits of Roberts system.
  • The accompanying diagram (Fig.
  • The diagram (fig. 12) will render this plain.
  • The diagram then represents it as follows (Fig. 4).
  • Make diagram of the K.B. lock-out system.
  • This is shown by the results plotted in Diagram II.
  • Thus, returning to the diagram of the Price of Tea in Sec.
  • TN: a diagram of an H} I cannot denie but such may grow.
  • The diagram (Plate XI) gives an idea of this arrangement.
  • But it did not occur to her that this diagram had anything to do with her.
  • The results are shown in Diagram VIII.
  • If possible a diagram or plan should be enclosed in the letter.
  • The diagram indicates those loci that have been most accurately placed.
  • The diagram opposite will illustrate the nature of these relations.
  • The annexed diagram explains clearly the method of their construction.
  • This diagram needs no explanation in view of what has already been said.
  • Make diagram of the carbon-block arrester and state its advantages.
  • Give diagram of the complete circuit of a simple magneto switchboard.
  • Make diagram of the circuit of a four-party station with relay.
  • Draw a diagram showing how the food is carried into and throughout the body.

How To Use Diagram In A Sentence?

  • Trapping stations were numbered on the diagram to correspond with stations in the field.
  • Any dramatic statement of these laws is a simplification as is a diagram or map.
  • Make a diagram of a sneak-current arrester and describe its principles and working.
  • Draw a diagram of the apparatus used in your laboratory for supplying distilled water.

Definition of Diagram

(transitive) To represent or indicate something using a diagram. | A plan, drawing, sketch or outline to show how something works, or show the relationships between the parts of a whole. | A graph or chart.
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