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  • Point out some of the dialect expressions.
  • Influence of dialect appears.
  • His dialect was perfect.
  • The dialect is not the right one.
  • Do you like the use of dialect in this story?
  • Variant spelling and dialect was faithfully preserved.
  • We spoke the mandarin dialect with perfect fluency.
  • He spoke in the dialect of the pick-purse and magsman.
  • After a brief exchange in the local dialect he hung up.
  • He could tell a story in dialect admirably.
  • So the dialect parts were originally told in that speech.
  • Shetland dialect forms are generally taken from this work.
  • Archaic, dialect and variant spellings remain as printed.
  • The dialect is broad Aberdeen.
  • The local dialect is called Chebucano.
  • The Walloon dialect varies greatly between the towns.
  • It is, however, a dialect of the Aymara.
  • Who brought the dialect of Homer to America?
  • English Dialect Society, 212.
  • Vocabulary of a Dialect of the Tinnean Language.
  • In French Dialect and English Translation.
  • Original spellings of words in dialect have been retained.
  • She has no language but the dialect of her own set of company.
  • I don't want the dialect of slavery to linger on your lips.
  • Great thoughts must not be trimmed to the exact dialect of business-men.
  • I was born and bred in the country, and the dialect was homely to me.
  • The inhabitants are distinguished by a peculiar costume, dialect and figure.
  • Compare the other example from the dialect of the Mangrees.
  • The dialect poems suffer by quotation, being artistic primarily as wholes.
  • E.D.S. = English Dialect Society.
  • A little uneasy he wrote again, using the dialect of their past intimacy.
  • The English Dialect Dictionary, A to C, ed.

How To Use Dialect In A Sentence?

  • Consequently our dialect approaches nearer to uniformity than that of any other nation.
  • The dialect is spoken with some difference of pronunciation in the various towns.
  • They were all simple little tales in the dialect of the hill country in which she lived.
  • It was a rendering into some new sylvan dialect of the human sentiment of maidenly love.
  • It was a rendering into some new sylvan dialect of the human sentiment of maidenly love.
  • The dialect itself is full of metaphor, images of great beauty not infrequently turning up.
  • The distinctions between social classes in the matter of dialect were, of course, not absolute.
  • As Luka spoke their dialect he had no difficulty in opening the conversation with them.

Definition of Dialect

(linguistics) A variety of a language that is characteristic of a particular area, community, or social group, differing from other varieties of the same language in relatively minor ways as regards grammar, phonology, and lexicon. | (derogatory) Language that is perceived as substandard or wrong. | (colloquial) A language existing only in an oral or non-standardized form, especially a language spoken in a developing country or an isolated region.
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