Dickens In A Sentence

How To Use Dickens In A Sentence?

  • How the di-di-di-di-dickens does she du-du-do it?
  • That she was reading Dickens amused him.
  • Readings from Dickens are also spoken of.
  • Billy was smart as the dickens, and young, and no drunk.
  • How the dickens do I know?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dickens | Dickens Sentence

  • What the dickens is this?
  • So what the dickens are we to do?
  • What the dickens is up?
  • What the dickens is it?
  • What the dickens is an assignment?
  • What the dickens was he to write about?
  • Dickens does not tell us.
  • Where the dickens was that bow?
  • What the dickens are you talking about?
  • In a dickens of a hurry.
  • Who the dickens cares?
  • Dickens war zufrieden.
  • What the dickens do you mean?
  • Where the dickens has he gone to?
  • And where the dickens did you come from?
  • Then what the dickens was the junk he had in his pocket?
  • Dickens joined in the hue and cry.
  • Where the dickens do these people keep themselves?
  • Where the dickens did you learn to box?
  • But how the dickens did he get into the cart?
  • What the dickens do you know about pictures?
  • Nan, why the dickens do you treat him so?
  • What the dickens were you up there for, anyhow?
  • What the dickens should we want to sink your boat for?
  • What the dickens do you keep bobbing about like that for?
  • Dickens tried to make you feel sorry for her.
  • Your old stove smokes like the dickens.
  • Stories from Dickens.
  • You pull like the dickens; you know you do!
  • Christmas in Dickens.
  • But Dickens more than any.
  • Dickens put on record, in chapter xxvi.
  • It was easier for Dickens.
  • Have you read Dickens?
  • Of novelists Dickens was his favourite.
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