Dicta In A Sentence

Definition of Dicta

plural of dictum

How To Use Dicta In A Sentence?

  • This led to their dicta being disregarded by sturdy juries who cared less for the letter of the law than for its spirit.
  • Many of those who refuse to conform to the churches dicta on these subjects care nothing whatever for the amusements in question.
  • And here one is tempted to go further, and show the crass idiocy and impertinence of those whose dicta are printed as law.
  • Et fuit requisitus si volebat videre jurare testes quos dicta curia producere intendebat contra ipsum; qui dixit & respondit quod sic.
  • Tu potens Trivia et notho's 15 Dicta lumine Luna.
  • To moralize by statute is idle and unsatisfactory enough; but it is worse to attempt to moralize by the arbitrary dicta of minor government officials.
  • Comedy thus treated may be accepted as a version of the ordinary worldly understanding of our social life; at least, in accord with the current dicta concerning it.
  • Haec sane de hac Anathematismi Nicaeni clausula argute nimis dicta sunt, et turbant verborum sensum alioqui simplicem et luculentum.
  • Guillelmi de Deiadjutorio & Johannis Bruni presbiterorum in dicta ecclesia procuratorumque aliorum sacerdotum,...

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dicta | Dicta Sentence

  • Alsine Spergula dicta major.
  • Lysimachia Cham├Žnerion dicta angustifolia.
  • Actum in dicta curia..., testibus discr.
  • Their oppressive dicta and autocratic propaganda were treated with contempt.
  • The two dicta are in direct opposition, yet both may be accepted.
  • I have heard dicta as interesting as the one which I quote a few lines above.
  • Porro a Nazareth quatuor leucis, est ciuitas olim dicta Naym, in 2.
  • Actum ubi supra, in dicta capella Sancte Katerine, presentibus testibus dom.

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