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How To Use Dictate In A Sentence?

  • Not even to his warmest supporters did he express a wish, or dictate or advise an act.
  • This was surely the dictate of common sense, and for once common sense carried the day.
  • We are not undertaking to dictate to the German people what sort of government they should have.
  • No person, whether friend or foe, shall presume to control her goal or dictate her mode of life.
  • To which Might replies All things may be, but this: To dictate to the gods.
  • But the judge's heart may not dare to dictate to his brain or to his conscience.
  • The colonial legislatures did not hesitate to dictate to the courts in particular cases and often acted as a court of appeal.
  • The aged counsellors who took it upon themselves to dictate to the young and inexperienced ruler soon found out their mistake.
  • We are all the work of his hands, and it is his prerogative to dictate to us laws for the guidance and regulation of our conduct.
  • Her first act was to dictate the story offering a five-thousand-dollar reward for information about her father.
  • Common sense and common justice dictate this at least, as some sort of compensation to a people for their slavery.
  • Most of us have our own favourite ways of doing things, and it is therefore absurd to dictate to others how to set to work.
  • At the same time, affection will dictate that all the marks of respect which you can provide should be paid to the memory of your beloved dead.
  • In making our contracts common-sense must dictate the lines necessary, and the general treasury should pay for them.
  • Our surroundings very often dictate our attitude, and temperamentally at least we radiate whatever spirit our environment generates.
  • I have an article on Blue Laws as a Reactionary Weapon, that I want to dictate for a magazine ...
  • This is not a capricious fondness, nor yet an arbitrary dictate of feeling; it is a uniform and universal rule of goodness.
  • The spirit can still dominate the flesh, even in matters of pain, and dictate how much it shall be affected.
  • Nothing but gloom and mediocrity to dictate human conduct, curtail natural expression, and stifle our best impulses.
  • He who threatens, assumes to be your master, to dictate the terms of his forbearance, and to declare under what conditions he will spare you.
  • Here Davis hoped to cage them till he could dictate a ransom, but the impatience of one of his men frustrated the plan.
  • To this Kosciuszko politely replied, declining to take any share in a public honour which it was against every dictate of his nature to accept.
  • They had no doubt that eventually the Grays would dictate peace in the Browns' capital.
  • He would like to help; but it would be wrong for him, a foreigner, to dictate to the Argives; and he has only a very small force with him.
  • But he that wantonly defies the law, Or thinks to dictate to authority, Shall have no praise from me.
  • This follows from that maxim of jurisprudence, from that dictate of common-sense, that a rule of law is coextensive with the reason upon which it is based.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dictate | Dictate Sentence

  • Reason and feeling dictate it.
  • Nobody had a right to dictate what she should do with it.
  • I should not presume to dictate to her as to her art.
  • If successful he might dictate his own terms.
  • If you feel you have a right to dictate terms very well.
  • Forbes soon became unable to write or dictate a letter.
  • Again it was not for her to dictate to Heaven.
  • No priest shall dictate to the daughter of Thaddeus.
  • This is a dictate of the universal reason and consciousness of mankind.
  • But I'll dictate it to you.
  • But "this is our infirmity"; it is the dictate of impatience and indiscretion.
  • This is the dictate of experience in every example of Italian conquest.
  • He lies there thinking out what he will later on dictate to Ruth....
  • For example,--learning to dictate to a dictaphone.

Definition of Dictate

To order, command, control. | To speak in order for someone to write down the words. | An order or command.
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