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  • Is it that your love for me dictates this generosity?
  • The dictates of humanity may be set aside at discretion.
  • We should follow the dictates of good taste and of common sense.
  • It pours contempt upon the dictates of justice and humanity.
  • Here, she must consider herself matched with the heady dictates of survival.
  • It is no interest of mine dictates what little I have farther to say.
  • In Athens, it appears, dictates of self-preservation govern.

How To Use Dictates In A Sentence?

  • For it is the same as wishing that we had not followed the dictates of judgement and conscience.
  • It behooveth thee not to conduct thine affairs according to the dictates of thy desires.
  • This war has freed our hands, which hitherto had been bound by the dictates of conscience.
  • It has even taught the pride of victory to give way to the dictates of an honorable connection.
  • He always dictates his telegrams at this time: he says he feels more benevolent after dinner.
  • But is there not some ground for suspecting the fidelity of him who writes or dictates his own history?
  • Evidently the editor has in his mind a contrast between the dictates of conscience and the dictates of officialism.
  • Any other rule of decision would be manifestly unjust, and inconsistent with the dictates of a sound policy.
  • Even his rigid etiquette and dignified reserve were the dictates of statecraft, as well as of natural inclination.
  • He spoke the real dictates of his heart, unaware of the sudden change which had taken place in his feelings.
  • When the inductions of science and the dictates of revelation harmonize to this extent, who shall dare to assert that the latter are not truth.
  • In one word, we have shown that it is not inconsistent with the dictates of reason, or with the principle of the divine goodness.
  • Obeying the dictates of his daring fancy, though hardly acquainted with the rudiments of composition, he determined to compose a mass.
  • The dictates of that temper and that heart, as well as the policy pointed out by that understanding, led you to abhor the old code.
  • His chamber was filled by visitants, eager to catch the dictates of experience, and officious to pay the tribute of admiration.
  • Without being carried away by illusions, Basilio pretended to believe in them and went on obeying the dictates of his own conscience.
  • Go in, darling, I am going home to scourge myself for attempting to lead you against the dictates of your conscience.
  • By permitting my love to overcome the dictates of virtue, by being too fond of my husband, I have murdered him.
  • Yet Livingstone had a higher and nobler ambition than the mere pecuniary sum he would receive: he followed the dictates of duty.
  • They pretend, of course, fashion dictates the order; but a woman may be allowed to doubt whether necessity did not first dictate to fashion.
  • Can moral obligation, a sense of duty, the dictates of conscience, overcome that instinctive passion of the human soul, the love of gain?
  • Happily the accents of reason and religion have been too distinct and harmonious to be overpowered by the dictates of error, or very extensively neglected.
  • To the stern dictates of duty, alone, has he sacrificed his home and ease, the pleasures, refinements, and luxuries of civilized life.
  • Perhaps Fate directed it; stranger things have happened at the dictates of a man's Destiny.
  • The Huguenots had no aspirations for civil rights; they only aspired for the right of worshipping God according to the dictates of conscience.
  • Nature disowns the restriction; I cannot smother her dictates with the polity of governments, and fall in, or out of love, as the law directs.
  • Only people lacking the slightest originality of mind would think of blindly following the dictates of fashion without any reference to their own physical style.
  • But if a Templar saw a Christian in imminent danger, he was at liberty to follow the dictates of his conscience, and hasten to his relief.
  • It appeared that, although in her rage at the desertion of her lover, she had listened to the dictates of revenge, now that he was no more all her affection for him had revived.
  • No dogmatical dictates of bigotted priests, no passive obedience to the mandates of inquisitors, nor to the persecutions so often fomented by churchmen.
  • We testify that thou hast cast behind thy back the Law of God, and laid hold on the dictates of thy passions.
  • There are others to whom idleness dictates another expedient, by which life may be passed unprofitably away without the tediousness of many vacant hours.
  • And that is eminently true in this case; therefore, wisdom dictates that we try to do our work with reference to the conditions of the actual environment in which we are placed.

Definition of Dictates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dictate | plural of dictate
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