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  • Yet there is nothing didactic in the volume.
  • He chose to be didactic in tone.
  • The didactic is lost in the dramatic.
  • Her conversation was not so much didactic as exemplary.
  • Hence he is purely a philosophic or didactic satirist.
  • Aratus sang of them in a didactic poem toward 270.
  • Aristotle, for this reason, censures didactic poetry.
  • In this later category the stories are of a more or less didactic nature.
  • He sought the didactic in poetry, and wished for reasoning in numbers.
  • He was, as she had discovered already, a painfully didactic person.
  • The didactic side of Miss Edgeworth was taken up by Harriet Martineau.
  • The Essay and Didactic Poetry, with Suggestive Analysis.
  • Moses and Son, a didactic tale --Chap.

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  • Reaction from the unloveliness of this didactic writing has produced a distressing result.
  • It was his kindly, conceited, didactic nature that made him instruct whenever he talked to her.
  • Miss Drummond would wax both enthusiastic and didactic when she aired her views on the subject.
  • A truly didactic saying is attributed by Aelian to the Spartan magistrates.
  • This discussion is necessarily didactic and assertive for it is impossible to prove or disprove any of these postulates.
  • The hymns of the kindergarten repertory should be entirely free from all that is didactic and denominationally doctrinal.
  • The theses underlying them have been stated for brevity's sake only in didactic form.
  • Her mother had been so didactic that she had felt herself absolutely unable to broach the subjects in the centre of her mind.
  • There is but one branch of poetry in which we find a certain originality, the didactic and satiric.
  • They are for the most part the didactic aphorisms which greatly pleased our worthy ancestors during the middle of the eighteenth century and later.
  • He breaks out in little spurts of anecdote, not entirely secular, nor yet too didactic to be jovial.
  • That he did not meet with unqualified success was due, as we have seen, to his one-sided didactic tendency.
  • This literary term was employed by the Sumerian scribes to designate a composition as didactic and theological.
  • Besides the poems falling under the groups discussed above there are many of purely didactic or moralizing tendency, embodying general reflections.
  • None the less, the currency history of Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries has a vital didactic importance.
  • So much has been written on this subject by myself and others, that I should hesitate to treat it anew from a mere didactic point of view.
  • One of the most interesting examples of didactic composition is a hymn to the deified king Dungi of Ur.
  • I knew now the genesis of every didactic verse that 'coldly furnished forth the marriage table' in the announcement of weddings in the rural Press.
  • That this didactic little speech was uttered principally for her edification, the Countess Truyn was perfectly aware.
  • Thus you conceive of a Hesiod before you think of a Homer, and the earliest poetry was probably of a purely didactic kind.
  • It is needless to say that in Schack's poem the king's proposal is much less didactic and much more direct, pp.
  • This experience has been of value to me as a teacher since, for it has effectually saved me from being didactic and dogmatic in my religious teaching of children.
  • Aside from any subtle mirth that lurks through his composition, the grace and finish of his more didactic and descriptive sentences indicate more than mediocrity.
  • I thought vaguely of attempting some didactic drama to illustrate the tragic contrast between gentle and simple that had been so glaringly illuminated for me by recent experience.
  • All her stock of novels she lent to Laura, who read them, every one, in secret, skipping only the dull and didactic pages.
  • There are in the sciences hypotheses that are not believed in, that are preserved for their didactic usefulness, because they furnish a simple and convenient method of explanation.
  • The poems are cast in many forms; allegory, narrative, vision, didactic poetry, lyric poetry, all find a place.

Definition of Didactic

Instructive or intended to teach or demonstrate, especially with regard to morality. | Excessively moralizing. | (medicine) Teaching from textbooks rather than laboratory demonstration and clinical application.
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