Diddle In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Diddle | Diddle Sentence

  • Farra diddle dino; This is idle fino.
  • Farra, diddle dino; This is idle fino.

How To Use Diddle In A Sentence?

  • You will find there A fitter hand than mine, to reach her frets, And play down diddle to her.
  • Hey diddle diddlety, Cat and the Fiddlety, Maidens of England take caution by she!
  • And, upon my word, you don't cut much of a figure when you're doing your best to diddle your fellowmen.
  • If they know how, and if they want to, they can sneak into a microchip via the special phonelines and diddle with it, leaving no physical trace at all.
  • The consideration I show that poor old man, Grizel, while I know all the time that he is plotting to diddle me!

Definition of Diddle

(transitive, slang) To cheat; to swindle. | (transitive, slang) To have sex with. | (transitive, slang) To masturbate (especially of women).
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