Died A In A Sentence

How To Use Died A In A Sentence?

  • Oh yes, my physical body died a long time ago.
  • He died a year after Coralie was born.
  • He died "a very good death" at the age of forty-eight.
  • The most powerful of the kings of Judah died a leper.
  • He died a natural death, nearly one hundred years of age.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Died A | Died A Sentence

  • Lawson died a week ago.
  • He died a few moments later.
  • Morrison had died a thousand deaths.
  • He died a disappointed man.
  • She died a week after you left.
  • He died a few days later.
  • So died a very gallant gentleman.
  • He died a brevet brigadier.
  • He lived a beast and died a blackguard.
  • Leigh died a year ago this morning.
  • My first husband died a drunkard.
  • Rickson died a lieutenant-colonel in 1770.
  • My impulse died a sudden death.
  • His father had died a month before he was born.
  • He died a week or two later.
  • She died a martyr to the cause of purity in art.
  • Louis caught the infection and died a few days later.
  • I died a hundred deaths in that old ruin.
  • My step-mother died a fortnight ago.
  • The old man who fired him died a while ago.
  • The feeling seemed to have died a natural death.
  • He was taken to hospital and died a few hours later.
  • And yet she died, a year ago.
  • She was his favorite cousin and she died a long time ago.
  • He died a month after completing his sixty-first year.
  • She died a few years ago amidst her native hills.
  • She rose and said her little boy had died a week before.
  • My love died a violent death ten minutes since.
  • And yet you died a happy woman, because of that lie.
  • He died a month later, covered with ignominy.
  • She died a long, long time ago.
  • He died a Smitherene.
  • My mother died a few years after; my father lives still.
  • He died a pensioner of the Pope.
  • Yes, died a year ago, and a good riddance too.
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