Died And In A Sentence

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  • Then she died and we came here.
  • Two had died and the other was with the troops.
  • There she lived and died and there she is buried.
  • She died and left no fellow.
  • Who died and made you boss?
  • I died and came to life again.
  • The year died and was buried.
  • And then the wife died and he was alone.
  • They died and left no children.
  • My mother died and my father.
  • And so it died, and then it lived again.
  • He had died, and the secret with him.
  • They died and the child was left in the street.
  • An uncle died and left him a fortune.
  • The old merchant died and so did his wife.
  • He died, and she married.
  • There my grandfather died and lies buried.
  • Her last baby died and was buried with her.
  • His wife had died and he felt very lonely.
  • Two died, and more were dying.
  • Well, he died and was buried.
  • He died, and was buried.
  • He died, and his spirit slept.
  • They died and were taken away, that was all.
  • So she died, and all was done as she desired.
  • He had died, and made no sign.
  • Old people died and little children were born.
  • He had died, and he meant to rise again.
  • His son died, and is now dead.
  • My father died and left me his blessing and his business.
  • His father died and left him almost nothing.
  • He died, and left no record.
  • Once there was an old woman who died and went to glory.
  • Ma died, and he got worse at it.
  • He has since died, and his death was sudden.

How To Use Died And In A Sentence?

  • My wife died and left me with three motherless children.
  • Again it came and died; and a third time.
  • Then she died, and the allowance came to an end.
  • Helge died, and the body was laid in its cairn.
  • His father had died, and the family was poor.
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