Different In A Sentence

How To Use Different In A Sentence?

  • How different is your walk to school each day from that of the city boy or girl!
  • It may not be improper to bestow a few brief remarks on these different schemes.
  • Most of these people look much alike, but some are very different in appearance.
  • I met two major-generals of my acquaintance at different points during the journey.
  • If you live in the country you have seen how different it looks in winter time and in summer time.
  • So we are drawn to the evening star, so to the morning roses; but with how different a spell!
  • I was as recluse as ever I had been at the convent, but how different was my seclusion.
  • It's quite a different case from that of a duel, where one's honor is concerned.
  • If he had manifested a different spirit, I would have thrown him out of the window.
  • Alongside, but at a different angle and facing the throne, sat the Tonsil Penlop and his suite.
  • Tell what you can remember of the different parts of the building which can be seen from the street or road.
  • He had not seen a single human being to whom he was related, for many years, and he was extremely different from them all.
  • It could not be said that she had received from the contacts of the external world impressions of a personal kind, different from other women.
  • The exquisite tints of the rice in different stages of growth display a translucence indescribable except in terms of light and fire.
  • Patricia, in spite or her good resolves, could not repress a sigh at the program which was so very different from that she had planned for herself.
  • With these words the two shapes glided hastily out of the cavern, and vanished in different directions among the thickets of the wood.
  • She was different from everybody else in that house, and it was not only the effect of her London clothes.
  • He sat thus, swaying to and fro between different decisions, till a violent scratching at the door roused him.
  • Use italics (indicated in manuscript by underscoring), except in writing for a periodical that follows a different practice.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Different | Different Sentence

  • But how different is the case now!
  • Their letters are different from ours.
  • Everything now wore a different aspect.
  • They rode off in different directions that morning.
  • Two different voices had cried out in pain.
  • Some hills look very different from others.
  • Far different is the case with respect to moral necessity.
  • What different kinds of people have you ever seen?
  • It contained six different four-sheet posters.
  • This question called forth a hundred different answers.
  • She looks like a different girl, too.
  • The characters had all been prepared for a different sort of man.
  • Do you know of any streets having names of these different kinds?
  • How can you know when you see a plain if there are so many different kinds?
  • What work in your home is different in winter from what is done in summer?
  • A very different tale would be that of the fighter in the firing line.
  • Lumley suddenly turn his horse in a totally different direction.
  • The prices that different articles fetch at these auctions is often amazing.
  • Home is naturally the standard, and whatever is different seems wrong.
  • So we say the blue sky at night; but how different at night and by day!
  • My reception, however, was quite different from what I had expected.

Definition of Different

Not the same; exhibiting a difference. | Various, assorted, diverse. | Distinct, separate; used for emphasis after numbers and other determiners of quantity.
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