Different Things In A Sentence

How To Use Different Things In A Sentence?

  • Look how different it is according to the different things with which it is connected.
  • It is a proverb how different things are in theory and when reduced to practice.
  • Suddenly about half a dozen different things seemed to happen at the same moment.
  • Depending on the characterization of the facts, the case seems to be about very different things.
  • And so they went on talking of different things for a little while, and then there was silence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Different Things | Different Things Sentence

  • These are two different things.
  • How different things had seemed then!
  • No end of different things!
  • But pictures and scenes are very different things.
  • Eyes do see in the same picture such different things.
  • I feel many different things.
  • Happiness and nonsense are two different things.
  • But friendship and love were different things.
  • Crying and swearing are two different things.
  • Let them smell different things and tell what they are.
  • That face spoke of very different things.
  • Life to different people means different things.
  • But it was as if his eyes spoke quite different things.
  • Your cost and theirs may be two different things.
  • To interpret music and to hear it are two different things.
  • Bobby showed a good deal of anxiety about different things.
  • But Sally had different things in her head.
  • They represent, however, two essentially different things.
  • Different things.
  • All doing different things, but all with the same objective.
  • How different things might have been with us had we but known!
  • How can manufacture many different things out of the same materials.
  • True sanctity and sanctimoniousness are entirely different things.
  • We seem to be attaching importance to such different things.
  • They are different things: that's all.
  • What different things do the same words signify at different times!
  • He's fitted for far different things.
  • Teaching and the matter of musical proficiency are two very different things.
  • But the real moment and the conscious moment are two different things.
  • Democracy has apparently meant quite different things to different people.
  • Personal intimacy and a knowledge of anatomy are still two different things.
  • And then he liked her in many different ways for many different things.
  • To admire morals and to practice them, are two very different things.
  • I also like to go to factories and learn how different things are made.
  • I kept them to hunt jackals, but tigers are very different things.
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