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How To Use Differently In A Sentence?

  • The lodges here are constructed very differently from those of the lower village.
  • If you had any depth of feeling you would have acted very differently in most things.
  • Few historic characters have ever been more differently judged from different points of view.
  • Mr. Burley was indeed very differently attired since the first interview by the brooklet.
  • My Lord knows that I seek in this to do His will, though differently from heretofore.
  • It was a very differently dressed little daughter who returned to him at the end of the following week.
  • But the two letters which each told the same story differently were the chief source of her perplexity.
  • The manner of preparing these liquids has been differently related, and perhaps is not always the same.
  • All these halls are differently ornamented, and with the exception of the gilding there is not one like the others.
  • Many words which are used at present to describe bad or disagreeable things were used quite differently originally.
  • The words came back to him readily enough; he had only to apply them a little differently and to change his figures.
  • The very term has been understood differently by almost every great writer who has approached the boundary line of this department of magic.
  • So difficult is it to judge of a country on a partial and hurried survey, and so differently does it appear at different periods.
  • Each eager for improvement and for information, we had been so differently educated, that each had much to communicate and to learn.
  • He would have felt differently had he come across anyone he knew, any of the old friends whom he usually avoided.
  • The molecules are somehow differently placed, the disposition has thus as much objective existence as the resulting movement.
  • This room was indeed furnished very differently from the rest, yet still so that nothing incongruous struck the eye.
  • Consequently he considers and treats the friar differently than in Espana, and is repaid in the like coin.
  • Had she been different, and differently placed, he would have blindly tried for anything he could get, in any possible way.
  • They had weathered the fretting indulgences brought to them by the rain and they now behaved no differently than they had for months before the rain.
  • He has ever been kind and good to you, and, above all, he has given you back to me, and that will make me think differently of him, in future.
  • Four musketeers, with differently shaped hats, stand behind; one holds a glass, the others have their guns on their shoulders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Differently | Differently Sentence

  • I live differently from you.
  • How differently people judge.
  • Perhaps babies were differently constituted in those days.
  • How differently are the minds of men constituted!
  • Remember, these things are managed differently over here.
  • One looked at Problems differently now.
  • You start, somehow, differently than I did.
  • Its name is written differently in two different MSS.
  • How differently events strike people from different points of view.
  • He cares little what he says, so as he can say it differently from others.
  • Only the coupon bonds, by their nature, are differently treated.
  • She was clad, too, so differently from the general run of the villagers.
  • I wish I could have managed differently but this was best for you.
  • How differently dear Stan would have wished him to act!
  • This paragraph reads differently in Navarrete, but its sense is the same.
  • I thought to myself, "How differently we all manage here!
  • Now, you watch how differently Pard behaves with a rope and everything.
  • Mr Elbraham's wooing was moulded far differently to Lord Henry's.

Definition of Differently

(manner) In a different way.
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