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  • I went through a difficult time.
  • They were in for a difficult time in 1791.
  • We had a difficult time locating you.
  • But she was going through a difficult time for a girl.
  • It was a trying and difficult time for Nelka.
  • He had been very forbearing with her throughout that difficult time.
  • well, a difficult time of life I suppose.

How To Use Difficult Time In A Sentence?

  • Unless they had been experienced riders they would have had a difficult time of it.
  • Drew had a difficult time breaking his gaze from the horse to the man dismounting.
  • Milk and eggs tide her over the most difficult time of the year for young, inexperienced cooks.
  • A difficult time demands a difficult language, and a painful time a painful language.
  • When they came finally to the crossing of the river itself to the Arizona side they had a slow and difficult time of it.
  • They had a difficult time in getting out of the canyon, but finally, by means of ropes and by digging steps with their rifle barrels, they reached the open country and made their way back to the starting-point.
  • The last members of the poor suffering, I often had a difficult time to get handy for the priest to apply his chrism, particularily in paralysis or accident cases.
  • Because of these "nonrival" and "nonexcludable" characteristics, Flaubert's publisher would have a more difficult time coming up with a business plan than the petunia farmer.
  • Lake devoted several days to missionary work in Bington, pointing out the great depreciation of property that would follow such a move, and he finally left with a feeling that the company would have an extremely difficult time getting the necessary legislation from the town officials.
  • The affairs of the Republic were plainly approaching a crisis; and those in America who knew how well-informed she was on the politics of both countries, and on political principles, were anxious to have the guidance that only she could give in the difficult time that was approaching.
  • The next ten minutes Betty and Meg had rather a difficult time in making peace; for Mollie had not a strong sense of humor--a fact which both girls should have remembered.
  • It went so haltingly and worriedly even last winter (as distinguished from anything I was able to do in the summer and could get at all during the last afflicted three or four months,) last winter having really been a much more difficult time than I could currently confess to, or than dear Bill and Alice probably got any sense of.
  • I handed him the copy of my bond, "George Comings's" bond, assuring him that "Veritas" would have a difficult time finding the bondsman; that he would not want to find him until after success, that he would not speak of it in Carlisle, for his life.
  • The _Agamemnon_ had an especially difficult time of it, her great load of cable overbalancing the ship and threatening to break loose again and again and carry the great vessel and her precious cargo to the bottom.
  • then she had a difficult time picking up all the little bits of glass in the dark, and then, after she had picked them up, she did not know what to do with them.
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