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  • He began to dig right where he stood.
  • They then began to dig twelve graves with their swords.
  • Jag möter dig i kväll vid kontoret!
  • Slå dig ned, min vän!
  • Then only he left, when his strength could dig no more.
  • Jag köper det av dig för hundra kronor.
  • Skynda dig nu», sade han.
  • Bry dig inte om det, du.
  • Look how all boys love to dig in the dirt!...
  • Jag älskar dig så och ångrar mig alldeles gräsligt.
  • Det är en sak som jag vill tala med dig om.
  • Go and Dig a Grave for me.
  • Ut med dig ditt lilla fä, och våga dig inte hit mer!
  • Harry, I expect me and you'd better dig poor Jim's grave.
  • Who'll dig his grave?
  • If necessary we dig all the way down to the machine language.
  • Then will the poor wretch after it dig and rejoice if he find it.
  • Liking to dig as he did, he certainly had nothing to complain about.
  • He's refused to dig trenches agin.
  • Others have I put to dig down through the ice to come by our anchor.
  • The Hospice is built on solid rock, so there is no place to dig graves.
  • And you, Johnny, can dig some potatoes to roast for breakfast.
  • Well, I expect if you dig deep enough in my pocket, you can find it again.
  • Ile dig it out for Crowes to feede upon, If thou continue longer in my sight.
  • Det förtjänade du -- och så var jag elak mot dig förut.

How To Use Dig In A Sentence?

  • They bathe in the sea and dig in the sand and patter about the piazza all day long.
  • He will no longer be obliged to dig the ground; he is on the road to make a fortune.
  • Brunner glanced across at me, then stooped to dig a live coal out of the ashes.
  • In this field you must dig a little hole, and you put into it, we will say one gold piece.
  • The Mole flung his sculls back with a flourish, and made a great dig at the water.
  • Then the King bade them dig for water, and they dug for it, and there found water in abundance.
  • This was the way of it: The rector had ordered Niels to dig up a bit of soil in the garden.
  • As for her upper works, I'll paint them myself on Sundays, if you'll dig up the paint.
  • And at last Billy Woodchuck gave up all hope of having Grandfather Mole dig for him.
  • It seemed a hopeless task to dig south of each of the trunks in the gully, yet what else was there to be done?
  • There was an earthquake hidden somewhere in this quiet docile man, and the innate deviltry of the woman was always trying to dig down to it.
  • Jonas then left him, and told him that there was work enough for him for three or four days, to dig up his ground well.
  • He did not dig it all up first, and then form a regular plan for the whole; and the consequence was, that it soon became very irregular.
  • Sometimes the two of them would dig a big hole, and the dog would scrunch into it, while she buried him until only his nose and eyes could be seen.
  • In this way he continued to dig from night to night, and week to week, and month to month, but not a stiver did he find.

Definition of Dig

(slang) To understand or show interest in. | (slang) To appreciate, or like. | (medicine, colloquial) Digoxin.
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